Assessing Your Organisation’s Culture

Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following statements. First, decide upon your unit of analysis – the entire corporation, a division, a function, or even a small team. To identify the many cultures in which you operate, you may need to take this test more than once.

  1. The group I am responsible for (organisation, division, unit team) knows its business objectives clearly 

  2. People genuinely like one another  

  3. People follow clear guidelines and instructions about work 

  4. People get along very well and disputes are rare 

  5. Poor performance is dealt with quickly and firmly 

  6. People often socialise outside of work 

  7. The group really wants to win 

  8. People do favours for each other because they like one another 

  9. When opportunities for competitive advantage arise, people move decisively to capitalise on them 

  10. People make friends for the sake of friendship – there is no other agenda  

  11. Strategic goals are shared 

  12. People often confide in one another about personal matters 

  13. People build close long-term relationships – someday they may be of benefit 

  14. Reward and punishment are clear 

  15. People know a lot about each other’s families 

  16. The group is determined to beat clearly defined enemies 

  17. People are always encouraged to work things out – as they go along 

  18. Hitting targets is the single most important thing 

  19. To get something done you can work around the system 

  20. Projects that are started are completed 

  21. When people leave, co-workers stay in contact to see how they are doing 

  22. It is clear where one person’s job ends and another person’s begins 

  23. People protect each other