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telephone debt collection softwareThe Collections Excuse Buster© 


The debt collection business is tough, you need all the tools you can get your hands on to be ready for all types of excuses your customers or debtors throw at you.

"I'm out of work! " or "check is in the mail!", bankruptcy, illness or whatever the excuse is , you will be ready to counter it using the new Collections Excuse Buster©  software  with the best and most recommended questions and most effective counter statements.


The software comes already pre-loaded with important questions and statements you can use right away for the most common excuses debtors and customers come up with to avoid paying debts additionally you can also easily tailor it more to your needs and nature of product/service. You can add new information, statements , excuses, questions..etc. to gradually create your own ultimate personal version that works best for you.


debt collection assistant software screenshot


 The instant download software version is for a single user already loaded with data for both a Consumer and a Commercial version both included

 Available in both English and Arabic. Special versions in French and Spanish are available upon request 


The Collections Excuse Buster© 

 Created and developed by expert debt collectors and credit management experts
 Modified and enhanced over the years
 You can easily further customize it by adding , editing and deleting information
 Easily include policy & procedures and any other important information
 Add your logo , images to enhance  the look and feel , change the background and    font styles
 Add files and create your own
 Everyone in the team will have access to the correct information instantly
 Unlimited use of software within your organization.
Technical ‘stuff’ for - The Debt Collections Excuse Buster©

The Excuse Buster  was developed as a Windows native application using Javascript.

 Runs in windows and is very simple to install. Just a couple of clicks and it’s there.
 Install via zip file Get it now! After order approval, you can download, install with a       couple of clicks and your‘good to go’!
 Available on a CD for installation as an option or a backup (slightly additional cost).
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3 complete professional sales training programs
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4 complete training packages for one low price
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