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find out your leadership style

Find out what type of leader you are, There are 15 questions in the questionnaire with 3 options to each question.  Tick one option per question, either A, B or C - whichever you think applies to you most. Please be honest in your choice.  There are no right or wrong answers, only your personal choice.


Important note :
It is advised not to read the explanations of each leadership style below before answeringthe questionnaire. (You will find a link that will take you to an explanation of what each leadership style means) 

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 Style C leaders

You are more consensual.  You like to gain agreement before acting or taking decisions.  Obtaining a consensus, however, can be time-consuming and may delay decisions.  A possible danger of the extreme Style C leader is a tendency to compromise, avoid conflict or even abdicate responsibility.  Style C can be effective when leading a small team of experts, where an autocratic style might lead to dissention and resentment.

Style B Leaders

You have a broadly democratic style.  You are more supportive than Style A leaders.  Developing the team, involving others and acknowledging their views, comes more naturally to you.  You recognise that involving others in planning and decision-making can produce greater commitment.  Democracy also means being able to accept a majority decision and put it into effect.  You need commitment to follow this style and there can be a danger of going through the motions of changing style when the going gets tough.

Style A Leaders 

You are largely task oriented.  You are most concerned with getting things done, achieving targets and improving results.  You are also more likely to enjoy the exercise of power and authority, possibly seeing it as essential to task achievement.  One danger with this style is a tendency towards autocracy and authoritarianism.  Some situations or environments may need such a style: for example, where there is an emphasis on structure and control, or where decisions have to be made and carried out quickly.


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Time Management
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Negotiating for Results
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New College Instructor Orientation (Click to read more)

Making the move from industry to classroom is difficult for many new college instructors. Your day is not your own anymore - each moment is about focusing on the adult learners in your classroom.

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