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No matter how fun and engaging your class is, one thing is for sure, your participants will not show up at your class with an unlimited supply of energy. A good idea is to always keep a few energizers up your sleeve to boost the energy level of participants whenever needed.


Tweet It:

At the end of the training program or to conclude each module or unit of the course content, split participants into teams of two and challenge each team to come up with a summary of the content covered in only 140 characters. 


Read Out Loud:

As a quick energizer, challenge participants to read the next two slides.

Show slide with “He said that that that that that woman said should have been which.” After struggling for a while, someone is sure to deduce that the sentence is really:

“He said that that ‘that’ that that woman said should have been ‘which.’”

After discovering the pattern, the second one becomes easier.

Show slide with “It was and I said not but.”

The punctuation that helps this reading is: “It was ‘and’ I said, not ‘but.’”


Five Words:

Challenge your class to list the five words in the English language that ends in “cion” The five words are: Suspicion, coercion, epinicion, scion, internecion.


Sports That Take You Backwards:

Challenge your class to list three sports which the winning player goes backward They are Rowing, backstroke, swimming and tug-of-war.


The Taxi Driver:

The amount of information we give others while communicating with them, can really have an impact on the result of the communication. This quick fun energizer can make that point crystal clear.

 Tell your class that you will tell them a short story and then ask them one question to see how good they were paying attention.


Start off your story by telling your class participants “Imagine you are a taxi driver” This is crucial to make this icebreaker work.


Continue the story as follows: 

You are driving downtown and suddenly you get a call to go pick up a customer from one of the big hotels in the middle of the city. You were only two blocks away so you get there very quickly and picked up the customer who was standing in front of the hotel. You ask the customer where he wants to go and he tells you that he is a foreigner, he is attending a conference here in town and it’s his first time to visit your country. He wants to do some sightseeing today and asks you to recommend places he can go to. You recommend a few places and recommended to start with the museum downtown first and he asked you to take him there. He also asked if you were available to show him around town for the rest of the day.

On the way to the museum, your customer receives a call on his cell phone. It’s one of his colleagues attending the convention with him and is staying at the same hotel and he wants to join, so you go back to the hotel to pick up his colleague and drove them both to the museum. After the museum, your two passengers asked you to recommend a place where they can try the local food. You recommended a great local food restaurant that’s famous for local authentic cuisine. They loved the food and after the meal they said they actually ate too much and both agreed that they were too tired now and would prefer to go back to the hotel and probably continue sightseeing tomorrow. You took them back to the hotel and gave them your direct cell phone number to call you directly tomorrow if they decide to continue with the sightseeing tour.


When you have finished the story ask participants this one question: what was the name of the taxi driver?

Did any of your participants get the right answer? Probably not

Why didn’t they know the answer, even though you told them what it was at the very beginning? (The first thing you said was “Imagine you are a taxi driver” so whatever your name is, that’s the name of the taxi driver)

They didn’t know the answer because the story overloaded them with information. If we give out too much irrelevant information, the real message gets buried and our colleague/customer/boss/Friend or whoever we are communicating with will probably miss the point. To ensure your message is communicated clearly, stick to the essential facts.


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