Activity-creative thinking- Balls in Water bottles


A challenging activity that requires some creative thinking for the team to solve the predicament of trying to get ping pong balls out of water bottles using chopsticks

Time / 20 Minutes

Tools/Items required

Empty water dispenser bottles ( a bottle for each team) , Ping pong balls, chopsticks, tape ,  Stop watch

Directions and Set up 

Split the class into teams  of 4 or 5 per team , Issue to each team a water bottle , two ping pong balls and several chopsticks and tape.
Instruct each group to drop the two ping pong balls into the empty water bottles.



The teams cannot turn the bottles over to take out the balls.
The teams can use the chopsticks or tape chopsticks together to get the balls out.
The team that manages to take both ping pong balls out first is the wining team.


What's the point from this activity?

This activity promotes team creative thinking



Filling the bottles with water , the ping pong balls will easily come out of the bottles without having to turn the bottles over.