The Best team member


1-      Split the group into teams of 4 or 5 participants

2-      Issue one blank flip chart paper and markers to each group

3-      Ask each group to think of as many characteristics as possible of the best team member. If they were to imaging the best team member ever, what would that team member be like? What characteristics should he/she have?

4-      After 10 minutes ask each group to look closely at each of the characteristics they wrote on their list and calculate the percentage of technical skills and interpersonal skills and traits to figure out whether a majority of traits listed are technical or interpersonal skills.


Discussion, debrief and variations

The list usually range between 70-95% interpersonal skills. Stress that this does not mean that technical skills are less important but just highlights how important interpersonal skills are and the impact they have on quality, quantity of performance and how they complement innovation and learning technical skills.

Highlight the importance of soft skills and the importance of interpersonal relations in the workplace

Ask participants how they feel when working with someone who displays these characteristics?

This activity can be easily used in several different variations for example in a leadership program the best team member can be changed to be the best leader, supervisor..etc.