Making training active

The greatest benefit that can come out of a training intervention is providing a concrete skill or knowledge that learners can apply back on the job. One of the best techniques that helps learners determine how to apply what they learned back on the job is your content review before closing. The following are a few tried and tested activities that will help you end your training on a high note and help your learners reflect and review what they learned, consider the challenges and the possibilities, and decide how they can apply it back on the job.


Million Dollar phrase
Your Million-dollar phrase can be a key point from your training program or any important phrase that is repeated more than once throughout your training program. Read more about this training activity


Getting more engagement
To get participants to be more engaged, whether it was a virtual training or a face-to-face classroom training, try the following...Read more about this training activity


Role play with a twist
This is a twist you can easily do with any role play activity to make the whole experience more interesting for your class participants.Read more about this training activity


Geometric Close
Ending your program is just as if not more important than starting off strong, one eye opening technique that helps participants focus and see the real value of was learned is this geometrical ending.Read more about this training activity


Find it online
Prepare in advance and set up a Twitter session specifically for this class so participants can share and post videos. Read more about this training activity


Social photo contest
Prepare for this activity in advance by creating an online dedicated account or location like a Facebook group, Pinterest board, group intranet or a blog page. Read more about this training activity


Motivational quotes
list of some of the most inspirational and motivational quotes we came across, feel free to read through and choose the most inspiring quote.  Check out our curated motivational quotes


Back on the Job
This specific activity can be used in almost any kind of topic to practically show participants how to apply what was learned back on the job. Read more about this training activity


List of fun training games and activities using balloons as a prop
Balloons take us back to childhood they are hard wired to the idea of fun in our brain which makes them an excellent prop to include in your training to make it more well, fun.Read more about this training activity


Did you know that we just added a FREE review game to each of our full course training packages?

It adds loads of fun and ends your training class on a high note!

The game is all done in Power Point and comes packed with questions and answers around your training package so you can easily review the content of the training, enhance retention and ensure your training participants are engaged till the very end. Just split your class into teams that compete to win a final competition by answering questions and getting points in a series of fun rounds.

That’s not all!  Just like our training material packages, the game is completely customizable so you can easily use it with other training topics you teach. Just change the questions/answers, images…etc, Save as a new file & create any number of other review games and always end each class you teach on a high note. Watch this short video: