Find it online


Prepare in advance

Prepare in advance and set up a Twitter session specifically for this class so participants can share and post videos



1- Divide participants into teams of 3

2- Assign a topic related to your training subject to each team or you can assign the main topic of your training to all the teams

3- Instruct teams that they have 30 minutes to use their smartphones or iPads to search for an online video that serves to understand the topic they were assigned.

4- After the 30 minutes, ask each group to play the video they selected and assign a spokesperson for the group to explain why they chose this video and how it relates to the topic


Examples to apply this activity

- In a customer service training, you can ask participants to find videos that relate to the value of customers and what companies do to increase customer loyalty

- In a communication skills training, you can ask participants to find videos that show how communication can go wrong

- In a session on leadership