List of fun training games and activities using balloons as a prop

balloons as a training prop exercises activities

Balloon are a great prop for training games and activities

Balloons take us back to childhood they are hard wired to the idea of fun in our brain which makes them an excellent prop to include in your training to make it more well, fun. We tried to list as many activities that involve using balloons, we constantly keep adding more training activities and games so check the page again soon.


Balloon Pop Frenzy

Use small post it notes and add a score to each note. (for example 100,200,300, 400, 500 etc.), fold the post it notes and place them inside blown balloons.

Split the group into two or more teams, teams compete to pop as many balloons as possible and keep the score post its. Once all balloons are popped, stop the game and ask teams to tally the numbers on their post its and the winning team is the one with the highest score.


Up in the Air 1

Get the biggest balloon you can find and challenge the group to keep the balloon up in the air as a team without using their hands. Legs, head, shoulders are permitted but no hands.


Balloon Field

Loads of fun with this activity. Give one balloon to each person, ask them to inflate it and write their name on it using a marker.

Cordon off a large triangular area on the floor using masking tape to be the play field (space has to be big enough to fit everybody and their balloons)

When ready to start, ask everyone to move into the playing field, and that rules are simple, as long as y our balloon is inside the field you are ok and if your balloon goes out you go out along with it. Every one is allowed to tap their balloon gently and smack it hard to hit someone else’s balloon to take it off the field. The winner is the person who succeeds to keep his/her balloon in the field


Ballistic Balloons

use a masking tape to make a line on the floor. Hand each person a balloon and ask them to inflate but not tie it up. Now ask everyone to stand behind the line and let go of their balloons. The balloon that goes the farthest from the line is the winner.


Up in the Air 2

This is a good activity specially if it’s a new group still breaking the ice and getting to know each other.

Get everybody together in the center of the room and make sure there is enough space around, with one large balloon the whole group will have to keep it in the air and never touch the ground but the twist here is that each person has to shout out the name of another person before touching the balloon. You can make it even more tough by adding a rule that the person who’s name got called must be the next one to touch the ball and keep it in the air.


Balloon Buddies

Split the group into pairs. Give each pair one balloon and ask them to inflate it. Challenge them to move around while keeping the balloon stuck between them, each pair has to stay connected to each other by the balloon at all times, ask the pairs to keep moving, take hard turns to make it more fun and challenging.


Balloon nerve test

Give a balloon to each person, ask them to inflate it. Once ready ask everyone to hold their balloon with both hands and be ready to take the stress test by gradually applying pressure to the balloon until it bursts. You can also split the people into pairs staring at each other and see who will turn away in shame and who will burst the balloon.


Up in the air 3

Split your group into teams of 3 or 4 and hand each group a balloon and ask them to inflate it.

Give each group 1 or 2 minutes to warm up keeping the balloon in the air by tapping it gently. After the warm up, decide with the group on one body part to be used to keep the balloon in the air (shoulder, arm, feet, head,…etc.)


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