Value Exercise

This is a simple but powerful sales activity that can help you show value of your product/service to a customer requesting a discount or comparing your product/service to a lower priced competitor.

Pick a participant and hold out two objects (pens, pieces of paper, etc.).  Offer to sell him one for $100 and one for $1.  Ask him which one he would like.  <<he will pick the $1>>

Before you give it to him, explain a few things about the $100 pen:

The $100 pen is guaranteed for life.  Even if you lose it, you can come back and get another one.

do you still want the $1 pen?

If you show your pen at a gas station or movie theatre, you will automatically go to the front of the line – for as long as you own the pen.

do you still want the $1 pen?

The $1 pen will run out of ink in a week

do you still want the $1 pen?

The $100 pen retains 75% of its value – so you can sell it to someone else later on for $75

do you still want the $1 pen?


The point is that, eventually, someone will pay $100 for a pen, proving that it is value, not price that drives decision-making