Cotton ball race

A fun competitive game that can add a lot of fun to any class and encourages teamwork and collaboration

Items needed:

  • Two packs of cotton balls
  • Two boxes or bowls
  • Plastic spoons
  • Blindfolds
  • Masking tape


Split the group into two equal teams

Give one plastic spoon and one blindfold for each person in both teams

Using the masking tape, Create a start and a finish line about 7 – 8 feet apart

Place two chairs 5 feet apart on the start line and two chairs also 5 feet apart on the finish line 

Put the two packs of the cotton balls on the two chairs on the start line and place the two bowls/boxes on the two chairs on the finish line.

Each team must line up behind one of the chairs on the start line and the first person in the row, puts on his blindfold and uses the spoon to pick up as many cotton balls as possible and carefully takes them over to the finish line without dropping any balls and place them into the bowl, once that person reached the finish line and safely placed his load of cotton balls into the bowl, the next person in line puts on the blindfold and repeats the same steps until each team member gets his/her turn.

Once everyone in both teams got his/her turn. Stop the game and count off the number of cotton balls in the bowl of each team. The winning team is the one with the most cotton balls in their bowl.