Balloon Match

This is a high energy game for the group to have some fun in an active way and also help develop planning and strategizing skills


Split the whole group into two equal teams. Give each team two balloons.

Any Two opposite walls in the training room will be used and each wall will be designated as one team’s goal. The aim of the game is for each team to score as many goals as possible while stationary (players of each team will assume one position and remain there and are not allowed to move). A goal is scored each time a team’s balloon touches the opponent team’s wall.

Before the start of the game, give the two teams 3 minutes to strategize and place themselves at the most advantageous locations as possible since they will not be able to change their place when the game starts.

Start the game and continue recording score for 5 minutes and announce the winning team

Discussion points for trainer:      

  • Who took charge of planning the placement of each player on your team?
  • How did you place yourself during the game? Did seeing how the other team placed themselves cause you to make any adjustments?
  • If you play that game once more would your strategy change? How?

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