Team Building Activity: In the Circle


This activity is a lot of fun and is suitable for large groups. It requires a lot of co-ordination and teamwork between the group in a fun way.


15 Minutes

Tools/Items required

One blindfold for one person


Start off by asking for a volunteer who is ok about being blindfolded.

Ask the rest of the group to hold hands and form a big circle with the blindfolded person in the middle.

The blindfolded person will try to touch any of those in the circle while everybody’s job is to work together and make sure he/she is not successful. Each person in the circle must avoid being touched otherwise he or she becomes the blindfolded person in the middle.

You can also set a time limit and challenge the group if they can remain in the circle for that long without getting touched.

According to how easy or difficult you want to make it for example, you can make it ok for the group in the circle to let the blind person go under their arms and outside the circle.

Safety precautions

The group in the circle will often move backwards so please ensure there is enough space for this activity and there is a large open space around the circle to ensure no injuries happen.