Team Building Activity: Paper Ball Fight


This can be a good activity for a group or a team that was experiencing some tension between the team members. It’s fun for a group or a team of co-workers to do this activity together to relieve any tension and can help resolve some interpersonal issues between some team members.


15 Minutes

Tools/Items required

Sheets of A4 of Letter size paper


Hand a sheet of paper and pen to each member of the group. Ask them to write down their best qualities (strengths).

Once they are done, ask them to crumble the paper into a ball.

Tell the group that once you say start, everybody have fun throwing the balls at each other (give them two minutes) and stop the game. Ask everyone to pick up one or more of the balls, open them up one by one and guess who wrote down the qualities.

Follow-up and debrief the activity by discussing how well group members know each other’s strengths.