Team drawing

Split the group into teams of two, hand each team a pen and one A4 or Letter size paper. One person picks the pen and the other person moves the paper and they both have to work together to draw a shape or letter that you will assign to the groups.

One person moves the pen and cannot touch or move the paper and the other person is responsible for moving the paper underneath the pen to draw the shape.

Once time is up, ask each team to show their work, the team with the closest drawing to the shape is the winner.

You can do several rounds and alternate partners.


Discuss further upon conclusion by asking:

Have they found the shapes/letters hard or easy?

Was it hard to work collaboratively with your partner to get it done?

How frustrating was it to stand there while someone else is responsible as well to get it done?

Did anyone get angry?

Did you have to tell your partner what to do?