Team wrap

Items needed

stop watch, masking tape, Roll of plastic wrap



1- Split the whole group into teams of 5

2- Using the masking tape, mark a start and a finish line 20 – 25 feet apart on the floor

3- Ask each team to cluster together and stand very close to each other in a circle

4- Start wrapping members of each team together by tucking the starting edge of the plastic wrap under a participant’s arm, pulling and stretching to wrap the plastic around each group circle till you have two or three layers of plastic wrapped tightly around each team.


Explain the ground rules of the game to teams as follows

- This is a timed activity and the team that travels the distance from the start to the finish line in the shortest time possible will be the winning team

- If they wish, teams can have one trial run to test and see how well they can co-ordinate moving together without and no time will be calculated during this trial run

- Teams are not allowed to break the plastic wrapping at any time during the activity

- Each team will have 3 attempts (runs) to cross the distance from the start to the finish line and time will be recorded for each run and the team with the best timing will be the winning team.


Discussion points for trainer

- Most teams in the initial attempts move very slowly with cautious steps and often out of step with each other but on subsequent runs, their time improves as they gain more confidence and better co-ordination of their steps and movement as one group.

- Discuss with the group what went well and what they could have done to improve. Refer back to the ground rules that they should not break the plastic wrap. Point out that this does not mean they couldn’t stretch it a little. They may have limited themselves by not asking enough questions at the beginning and not thinking outside the box, use critical thinking and problem solving skills by stretching the plastic wrap.

- How does this activity relate to working as a team back on their working environment?

- What were the greatest barriers they faced during the activity?