Time Management Activity : The” Not To Do” List


Everyone gets overwhelmed sometimes and feel there is not enough time in a day to get everything done. A quick fun activity with the main purpose for a group to get to know each other better and brainstorm all the tasks they do not enjoy doing.


10 minutes

Tools/Items required



Tell the group that we are all under pressure sometimes and feel swamped from the amount of work or tasks that we need to get done. Let’s all brainstorm as a group and write down a “Not to do list” which should include tasks of low importance or these things that can wait or tasks with low priority that you should not be doing or you should be delegating to others in order to save and better manager your time.

Allow the group some time to brainstorm the different low priority tasks and create their group “Not To Do” List. Discuss further as needed and reflect on how the group feels about the idea of having a “Not to Do” list, slowing down and taking a step back.