Training Games and activities assessment

There Is No Doubt That Keeping Your Participants Engaged Is Critical For You As A Trainer In Any Class You Deliver, Not Only Because It’s More Fun Both For You And Your Participants To Be In An Engaging Learning Environment, But Also To Ensure You Are Bringing Them Value. Engagement Leads to Learning.

Have an activity in mind you are planning to use on an upcoming program or thinking about using one of our free activities and tailoring it further to your needs?

This assessment will help you take a harder look at any training activity or game you are planning to use in terms of value and relevance to the topic, it’s a good exercise to take if you are not sure about using an activity or will be using an activity for the first time.

To take the “Training Games and activities assessment” You will be asked to rate 25 statements and come up with a total score, the higher the score the better the activity.

Take the test

Rate each item: 4 = excellent, 3 = good, 2 = fair, 1 = poor, 0 = awful   -- Your score will be automatically calculated and the result will be displayed once you complete your answers to the 25 statements.


Making it about them

Participants need to be engaged in discussions, have an input and feel that whatever they are contributing to the class matters. After all that’s why they are called participants they need to participate and not just passively listen to you lecturing 100% of the time. Be sure that you listen well, accept input, ask questions, encourage questions, and know when to be silent. Your main goal is to increase engagement and participation which will ultimately lead to learning.