Sell the result, not the course

Sell the result, not the course


Searching for Results

We hate to break it to you, but your customers aren’t looking for your training courses. In fact, they’re not even looking for a training course. Sometimes, they don’t even know that’s what they need. What they’re searching for is a result.

Your customers have a problem. A big hulking thing that makes them feel bad about themselves. They’ve set themselves a goal, or formulated a plan, and now they want something that will help them achieve that.

If you’re positioning your training courses around the what instead of the why, you’re already missing out on a whole world of customers that are blindly stumbling around looking for the exact thing that you have to offer!

Here are 3 ways that you can shake up the way you market your training courses to customers, that’ll buck the trend and make them say YES to your business.


Sell Benefits of the training Over Features

Back to the customer we wrote about earlier. The one with the problem that makes them feel bad about themselves.

When they hit your website and start to read about your training courses, they aren’t interest in the features. The content of the course, the accreditation, the structure, the cost even, aren’t going to help you make a sale at this point.

The benefits will. The results will.

If your training course will help your customer to lose weight quickly, then that should be your starting point. If your course will help them to earn 100% more than they currently earn in four weeks, that should be the headline, front and centre, with jazz hands.

When you talk about the benefits before the features you tap into the deepest, darkest fears of your customers. So by the time they get to the course content, the structure and the cost, they’re already at the point of wanting to buy because you have sold the dream to them.


Before & After

There’s a reason personal trainers and diet programs use before and after photographs to market their products. It sells, and it sells hard.

Clear ‘Before’ and ‘After’ examples help your customer to picture themselves in that exact same situation.

For training courses, that comes down to talking about how one of your learners went from zero to hero after taking one of your courses. By detailing the struggle of one of your clients who has succeeded, you can tap into a whole world of emotional pain and then offer a way for your customer to not feel that pain anymore. In fact, you can talk about how their life has been revolutionised by that course and how it has changed.


Get Visual

When your customer can see themselves actually using a product, they respond more positively to it. That’s why looking at a catalogue is more satisfying than just looking at pictures of a product. Seeing things in their rightful place and being able to visualise them in our lives in an effective way of selling.

This can be true of your training courses to.

Showing pictures of smiling graduates, happy employees or business owners allows your customers to see themselves achieving the results they want.

When you showcase these across your brochures, website and social media, you are keeping the message consistent and you are continuing to sell the dream to your customers. They will be happy and fulfilled. The pain and anxiety they feel will not be there anymore. They will be successful and secure.

How can anyone say no to that?

It can be so, so tempting to sell the features of your product to customers. That is, after all, what you’ve spent the time developing and refining. By no means do we think that you should forget about your product and it’s features, it is these that allow you to deliver the results to your customers. But when you are selling it to them, remember that big hulking problem and their burning desire to get rid of that problem. And then tell them how their life will be better with your course. Trust us, it works.