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We all recognise an angry face when we see one no matter where we are in the world, anger is one of those true universal emotions, anger is there in all cultures of the word and it is the outcome of the fight or flight choice we face that's hard wired in our basic instincts whenever we feel we are facing danger.

Important facts about Anger

-Anger is not primarily about revenge
The First motive of anger is a desire to show that one is in control because the threat or the situation causes a feeling of losing control so the first motive is around improving one's image and not necessarily to get even or cause harm . Revenge is a secondary motive and it also serves as means to vent all accumulated frustrations. 

- Anger is nether good or bad
If You can manage, control and channel your anger positively , it can have an extremely positive impact on your life , it can improve your communication, enhance your self esteem and keep you energized. Ghandi, Budha , Nelson Mandella were all angry men but they turned that anger and channelled it for the good of others and in making the world better.

- The older you get, the calmer you get
It is a misconception that the older people get, the angrier they are , it's actually the exact opposite, as people age, they report fewer negative emotions and greater emotional control

-Anger can kill you
It is a fact that anger causes heart attacks and can cause disabling or possible fatal injuries.

- Everybody gets angry
Luckily most people do not show their anger, it is widely believed that 15% of people display their anger publicly while 85% keep their anger inside , you know those who say " No , Im fine there's nothing to be angry about"  or " I'm ok , no problem "  or " I don't really want to talk about it "


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Anger is a complex emotion.
Those who appear to not have a problem with anger can actually be the ones who are in the most need of help as mentioned above.

You have a problem with anger if :

- You hurt yourself or others physically
- If you feel too afraid to openly express your anger
- If you never get angry
- You keep dwelling on situations that caused you anger and find it hard to forget it and get over it
- You think of cunning ways of getting even with those who cause you anger rather than directly expressing your anger
- If you get angry a lot
- Whenever you get angry you're completely out of control
- You become critical , defensive and blaming others often and it starts to affect you and people around you
- You just get angry suddenly and not sure what triggered it
- You sometimes take your anger out on innocent people

What to do about it ?

- Focus on the true source of your anger. ask yourself what specifically about this situation made you feel this way ?

 - Concentrate on the result or outcome you wish to achieve, look for other options or other alternative ways that can achieve your desired outcome. There is usually more than one way for us to get what we want, but anger causes us to see and only fixate on one .

- Learn more about assertiveness and communicating assertively and how to Channel your anger and turn it to positive energy. Letting yourself go and getting angry may offer a temporary venting to any frustrations you have, but anger can seriously damage your life and the life of those around you .

- Learn to calm down or take a time-out. It is impossible to think clearly when your emotions are high. By calming down, stepping back, or taking a time-out, you can gain more clarity about the situation and better determine what role you played in the interaction.

- Learn that you cannot change someone else. You can only change yourself

- Learn from your anger. Ask yourself what you can learn from the situation. For example, “What is the real issue here?” or “What role did I play in this?” or “What can I do differently next time?”

- Learn to self-observe and to change your part in negative relationship patterns.

- Learn to identify your particular anger triggers.

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