6 Stress Busters

Six stress Busters

Six stress bustersk- ways to handle stress


1-Take a deep breath
Taking long deap breaths is one of the well known and oldest stress relieving techniques. It is very effective specially if you do it correctly, you need to take a deep breath through your nose and hold it for 4 to 5 seconds and let it out very slowly through your mouth.


It is scientifically proven that laughter causes an increased flow of Endorphins "nature's happy pill", Endorphins are responsible for making us feel good and happy or high, it's natural drugs to make you feel good so get some more comedy in your life, if you laugh a lot you and get high and happy the legal natural way. 



3-Exercise and let it out
If you keep your stress locked up inside of you, one day something will trigger it and it will flow on the outside. One of the sure ways to live a less stressful life is to exercise regularly to have a constant outlet to let out stress. Exercising regularly will not only help you to reduce your stress but it can transform your life, you will look good , feel good and energetic.


4-Go on holiday for a minute
For a minute just picture yourself lying on a nice beach under the sun in complete serenety. If you can really get good at this and be there and lose all sense of time and place for just a minute or two you can use that following a stressful interaction with a customer or colleague or even in advance of a stressful situation.


We tend to hold in tension by tightening our muscles. Instead, try isometrics: tensing and relaxing specific muscles or muscle groups. Make a fist, then relax it. Tighten your stomach muscles, then relax them. Push your palms against each other, then relax your arms.


6-Do desk aerobics.
Exercise as mentioned above is a vital component of a stressmanaged life. Try these two “desk exercises”:
- While sitting at your desk, raise your feet until your legs are almost parallel to the floor. Hold them there, then let them down. Do this five times.
- Rotate your head forward and from side to side (but not back—that can strain rather than stretch). Roll your shoulders forward and then lift them up and back. This feels especially good after you’ve been sitting or standing for some time.


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