Efficiency Vs Effectiveness

Time is a limited and valuable resource, that we all experience and measure. It is measured in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. The exciting thing about time is that, regardless of our circumstances in life, we all have the same amount! It’s what we do with it that really counts. To manage our time, then, implies that we need to take control of this most valuable personal resource - through:



Ensuring that the tasks we are responsible for achieving, and those around us with whom we come into contact, run or perform smoothly like high performance machines.



Being aware, economic and prudent about how we use our and others’ time as a means to accomplish specific goals.

We cannot stop time. We can, however, use it economically to the tasks we have to accomplish.
So, when we talk about time management we need to be thinking about how we can:

• Develop a personal sense of time
• Identify short, medium & long term plans
• Plan our day
• Make the best use of our time
• Organise office work
• Manage (our attendance at) meetings
• Delegate effectively, where appropriate
• Make the best possible use of our “committed” time
• Manage our HEALTH

Developing a personal sense of time includes developing a personal sense of the value of other people’s time…


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