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When To Do It

At the end of the previous day
This allows you to tidy up loose ends and focus on tomorrow’s priorities. This is a good way of “putting your worries away in the drawer”, or leaving your work at work, if you tend to think about work during your quality family / social time.


At the beginning of the day
Allowing you to focus on the day ahead before getting involved in the details. This is good for putting into perspective those tasks you thought were a bit scary yesterday. They often look less frightening after a good sleep!


College Instructor Orientationn

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New College Instructor Orientation (Click to read more)

Making the move from industry to classroom is difficult for many new college instructors. Your day is not your own anymore - each moment is about focusing on the adult learners in your classroom.

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Whatever your preference, choose which suits you best and JUST DO IT!

How To Do It

1. Make a list of all the tasks that need to be done over the next few weeks, whom they’re for, and when they’re required.  You don’t have to write them up in priority order at this stage.
2. Review yesterday’s plan - transfer any outstanding tasks to today’s plan.
3. Check your weekly plan - transfer across any tasks for completion today
4. Look at today’s commitments and allocate time for preparation.
5. Prioritise your list into A, B & C categories, as defined on the next page.
6. Now prioritise your A’s, B’s & C’s further into 1’s, 2’s & 3’s.
7. Get your diary with hour by hour timeslots, and place your tasks into the most appropriate spaces.
8. Remember to build in contingency time for unexpected or urgent tasks that may come up during the day.
9. Oh, and don’t forget your lunch and coffee breaks too!
(This is quality recovery time).

Prioritizing your daily activities :

Tasks for today  Priority Rating (A, B or C ) 


A Priorities Must do - 75% of today’s time – no more than 2 or 3 tasks per day. These tend to be either difficult, non-routine, or critical items, such as management directives, customer needs, significant deadlines that can’t be put off any longer.

B Priorities Should do - 20% to today’s time – no more than 4 or 5 tasks.
  These aren’t as immediately important as your A’s, but affect results and have to be done. These don’t necessarily have critical deadlines.

C Priorities Like to do - 5% of today’s time, these are often those interesting and fun tasks we like   doing. They’re relatively easy because we’re usually familiar with them. Often we should delegate these, eliminate or postpone them for slack periods. Sometimes their true destiny is really the WPB!

Planning the day

The hardest part of planning is maintaining the discipline to step back for a short while every day to actually do it. They say that it takes 30 days to make or break a habit, so I challenge you to test this theory out! Once you've got into the habit, planning your time in this way only takes a few well invested minutes. 

If you find your daily planning isn’t working well, you may need to ask yourself “Am I achieving my highest priorities?”  Try focusing on the benefits of investing a small amount of time in planning your day to save you vast amounts of time further down the line.  Remember, the busier your are, or the more stressed, the more you need to manage your time in a disciplined way.

You may also ask yourself the following questions to help you work out if you are working as efficiently as you could be:

Question Yes No
Are you trying to accomplish too much in a day ?    
Did some tasks not get done because you were not ready at that time to do them ?    
Was the item or task clear?    
Did you find it difficult to make decisions?    
Did you have all information available?    
Had you neglected to plan sufficiently for the day because you were feeling under pressure?    
Did you abandon the task because it was  too difficult or too boring?    

By reviewing, you can determine if you’re giving yourself a realistic time budget. Interruptions are the most common reason many people fail to accomplish their goals. To counter these, it can be helpful to learn to say “No” more often…

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