Why you should always eat that FROG…or any other frog that pops up?

Are you eating the frog?

Reflecting on Brian Tracey’s timeless “Eat That Frog” book, as simple as the question the book poses is, it actually works to highlight the importance of discipline when it comes to managing your time, it makes you think about the impact it can have on your overall quality of life and how this simple concept can help you to “enjoy what you enjoy doing” more and not only as a way to combat procrastination.

If you are not familiar with the book which is highly recommended or know the key question that the book asks, imagine the following scenario:

Imagine that you have three plates in front of you. One has a piece of meat on it; one has a piece of chicken; and the last one has a frog. You have to eat all three.

Which one will you start with?

Will you choose to start with the meat or chicken or will you start with the frog?

If you start with the meat or chicken: If you start with the meat or chicken, will you really enjoy them?

key point:

You will probably not enjoy either the meat or the chicken if you start eating them first because of knowing what you will have to eat next. Your mind will be wandering off to the frog. This is one of the key points the bestselling time management book by Brian Tracey Eat that Frog. If you keep putting off and procrastinating a task or a job because it's too difficult, boring, or you don't feel like it, you will not be able to enjoy any of the other things you like doing. So, stop procrastinating and just start!


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