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Branding and Marketing

Why Create Brands?
Looking at the different brands surrounding us everywhere no matter what industry it is, nowadays no matter what product you use whether it's your computer your shoes even your toothpaste, there is always a brand.

Brands and that emotional connection
One of the common definitions of branding is that it is simply a promise, it is that promise that you make to your customer.

Main Branding terminology
Branding nowadays is such a big topic that it has it's own language.

Effective ads scheduling
There is no doubt that advertising is the main tool for developing brand awareness simply because it allows you to convey your brand promise exactly as you want it be presented.

Simple steps to create a marketing plan
Creating an effective marketing plan is a simple straightforward process but amazingly many marketers sometimes have some problems doing the correct activities that ensures their plan is covering the most essential marketing activities that leads to success.

Packaging products to increase sales
Bundling products together or giving your offer as a package by offering more than one product together in a bundle can have a huge effect on increasing your sales.

Membership programs as a marketing tool
There are numerous benefits that a membership program can bring to your business, read this article to learn more about membership programs and how useful are they.

How to create an irresistable offer your prospects cannot refuse? 
People don't buy 'things,' they buy opportunities! read this article to find out more about creating irresistable offers.

Adapted from "The Small Business Marketing Bible" by David Frey

May I share with you a little secret about how people buy? It may sound strange but people don't buy 'things,' they buy opportunities!

It's true. People don't buy cars, office equipment, electronic gadgets, or even ideas. They buy opportunities like special discounts, long-term financing, bonus products, and simple payment terms.

When you package up all the opportunities you’ve created to sell a product or service it's called an 'offer.' They key to selling any product or service is to create an irresistible offer that your prospect can't refuse. Your challenge is to create an offer so irresistible that your prospect says to herself, 'I'd be a darned fool if I said 'no' to this opportunity.'

The Risk - Reward Response Rate Equation

Before you learn how to create an irresistible offer its important to understand why people respond to offers. Once you know this formula, it will be easy to create an offer that is so compelling that it will be difficult for your prospect to say, 'no.' There is a risk - reward conversation that takes place in the mind of a prospect when considering your offer. They ask themselves, 'Is the promised reward greater than the required risk?' If it is, the prospect will usually buy. If not, they won't. To break this principle down further, people respond to offers based on two factors:

1. The perceived value of the offer (what you get)


2. The risk involved with the offer. (What you give)

In essence, you could express this relationship as...

Response Rate = Perceived Value / Risk

If the perceived value goes up and risk stays the same, your response rate will increase. If risk goes up and your perceived value stays the same, your response rate will go down. BUT, imagine if your perceived value went up and your risk went down, what would happen to your response rate? It would skyrocket!

That's exactly what you want to do when you create an offer. You want to increase your perceived value and lower your risk. To do that we need to know what's inside the components of 'perceived value' and 'risk.'

Perceived Value & Risk

As I've already mentioned, perceived value is defined as what you get from the offer and risk is what you have to give to receive the benefits of the offer. Again, the trick is to increase your perceived value and decrease your risk to create an irresistible offer.
So let's look at several elements that will increase the value of your offer and several elements that will decrease the risk of your offer.

Elements to Increase Perceived Value:

1. Adding free bonus items such as accessories or third-party addons.
2. Giving two or more products or services for the price of one.
3. Packaging multiple complimentary products together with a lower overall price as compared to buying the products separately.
4. Explaining why your product or service is unique and its specific advantages over other competing products or services.
5. Explaining how well built the product is and giving proof to how long it will last.
6. Describing in detail the specific benefits that will be received when using the product or service.

Elements to Decrease Risk:

1. Provide the strongest guarantee possible.
2. Provide free or low cost extended warranties.
3. Try-it-before-you-buy-it offer.
4. Provide low, affordable payments.
5. Provide a pay-for-performance only offer.
6. Delay payments with no accrued interest.
7. Give access to follow-on help after the sale.
8. Prove a fast or large return on investment.
9. Give actual proof of the results of the product or service using real case studies.
10. Have other people give proof of the results.

Using one or a combination of these elements in your offer will increase your response rate. The more elements you use to increase the benefits and decrease the risk, the higher the response rate you'll enjoy.

Value is Based On Perception Not Reality

You'll notice that points 4, 5, and 6 all start with either the word, 'explain' or 'describe.' That's because value is based on the prospect's perception and not reality. The quickest most inexpensive way to build value is to simply explain in detail how valuable the product or service is. This can be done by explaining that the product or service:

• Is performed by most qualified and professional people.
• Is built with the highest quality parts.
• Is created using a very meticulous and careful process.

You can also build value by describing the benefits that the prospect will receive in terms of 'universal benefits.' By universal benefits I mean, those benefits that appeal to every warm-blooded human being. These universal benefits include the desire to:

• Be beautiful
• Be popular
• Be wealthy
• Have fun
• Not have to work
• Have sex
• Be smart
• Have power
• Be healthy
• Be loved
• Avoid pain
• Avoid guilt

Now take the features of your product or service and express the result of these features in terms of universal benefits and you will have created immense value out of thin air. For example, let's use the 'Thighmaster.' The Thighmaster is one of the hottest selling products ever sold through an infomercial. It was promoted by Suzanne Somers who became very wealthy as a result of promoting this product.

The Thighmaster was a simple device that you put between your legs and squeezed together to exercise the lower half of your body and supposedly, tighten up your 'buns.' According to the infomercial the Thighmaster...

• Made you more beautiful because of your tight 'buns.'
• Because you were more beautiful you would be more popular with the men.
• It was even fun doing exercises with the Thighmaster because it was easy to do. No running, sit ups, squatting, or walking. You could even lay down and watch T.V. while doing exercises with the Thighmaster.
• The Thighmaster increase your health and vitality and kept you in shape with minimal work.
• You would never have to worry about the embarrassing pain of being fat, out-ofshape, and having buns that jiggled like jello.
• And because you didn't have to spend a lot of time at the gym you wouldn't feel guilty of not being at home when your family needed you.
• In fact, you would love you even more because of the increase time you'd now be able to spend with them.

Did the Thighmaster actually do all those things? Probably not, but after watching the infomercial the thousands of people that purchased the product probably thought it did. People bought it based on its perceived value (versus its actual value).

How to Decrease the Risk In Your Offer ?

To reduce the risk in your offer you need to address the following questions that people have in their minds when they consider an offer:

1. Is the price too high for what I will receive? (price)
2. If I don't like it can I get my money back? (guarantee)
3. If something goes wrong can I get help? (warranty)
4. Does it really work? (performance)

Each one of these areas should be addressed when creating your offer. Let's look at each individually.

Your Price

The asking price is most often the 'risk' that people take to get the product or service you offer. The closer you get to making your offer free (or perceived as being free) the less risk you expose your prospect to and the higher your response rate will be.

There's no wonder why the most powerful word in marketing is the word, 'FREE.' Because it reduces the risk down to zero. Who wouldn't take advantage of an offer that provides relevant benefits and is free? Even if it didn't work there was no risk so there's no harm done. However, you can't just give away your product or service for least not forever. But you can give:

• Free samples
• Free demonstrations
• Free trials
• Free information
• Free 'stripped-down' products

All these reduce the risk of responding. You can also give a perception of a lower price by...

1. Selling the monthly installment price (versus the entire price)
2. Delaying payment for an extended period of time.
3. No accrued interest with extended payment.
4. Offering a rent or lease-to-own option.
5. Offering guaranteed buy-back agreements.
6. Providing resell rights.
7. Displaying the ending numerals in a price as $.97 or $.99.

You can also reduce the perception of price simply by the way you present it. Always give an apples to oranges comparison of your price. For example, you could introduce your price by saying, 'This Valuable System Can Be Yours For the Price of a Starbucks Capuccino.' or 'You Can Have Your Very Own Private Airplane for What You'd Normally Pay for a Used Honda Accord.' Then you would go on to explain and justify how the simple monthly payment that you'd normally pay on a Honda Accord will buy you a new airplane. To go one step further you can actually reduce the price of the product or service by offering:

1. Sliding scale discounts
2. Volume discounts
3. Time limit discounts
4. Seasonal discounts
5. Discounts based on payback time (i.e. 2-10 net 30 days)
6. Manufacturer discounts (rebates)

Your Guarantee

Your guarantee is your secret weapon to decreasing the risk in your offer. You should always provide the strongest guarantee possible. Go out on a limb. Don't be afraid to provide a strong guarantee because statistics are on your side.

The large majority of guarantees are never executed. There's a erroneous perception that if you provide an aggressive guaranteed that a slew of customers are going to take advantage of you. That's simply not true. Most people DON'T...

1. Send things back when they get broke.
2. Ask for their money back if they are dissatisfied.
3. Complain when they are frustrated.

Why? It's human nature not to be disruptive. Most people are passive and don't take action to resolve conflict.

Your Warranty

Warranties are like insurance, they provide security in the case that something goes wrong. How many of you who have been paying for insurance for years and years have actually made a claim? Statistically, very few will ever make a claim on their insurance and the same goes for a warranty. So, like guarantees, why not provide a strong warranty?

If the part on a hot tub usually lasts for seven years but statistics say that most people only keep their hot tub for seven years why wouldn't you provide a 'lifetime warranty?' You might have a few people take you up on the warranty after seven years but the perceived value of a lifetime warranty will far outweigh the cost of honoring a lifetime warranty.

In fact, you can provide a perception of a strong warranty just by providing a phone number or physical address to call in case things go wrong. Most people won't use it and if they do, studies say that it will be used only within the first three months of ownership.


And if you really want to make your offer 'risk-free' you might consider a 'pay-for performance' offer. Pay-for-performance is when you give the product or service away with the agreement that the customer will pay only when they've received the benefits of your product or service. This is the ultimate risk-free offer because it's as close to offering your product or service for free as possible. If your product or service doesn't perform, you don't get your money. When entering into this type of agreement, you should increase the price because you (the seller or service provider) are taking all the risk and hence, your reward should be higher.

Make Your Offer Believable

One of the worst mistakes overzealous direct response marketers make is to create offers that are so full of hype that they are not believable.

This addresses the, 'Does it really work?' or 'Is this too good to be true' questions that are barriers to closing the sale. We've been taught that if an offer is too good to be true, it usually is. And it's true! One way to offset the believability issue is to PROVE IT!

There are several ways to prove your offer but the best way is to provide customer testimonials and case studies. People believe comments from other people that have no vested interest in your success.
Pictures with testimonials are strong but video testimonials of actual customers can't be beat. That's why infomercials are packed with testimonials. Case studies are also great ways to prove that your offer really does provide results. A case study should described by...

1. Explaining the problem or situation
2. Providing the solution or how the problem got solved
3. The results of the solution

Real case studies that show statistics, graphs, before and after photos, bank account statements, etc. provide compelling proof that your offer really is true and that your product or service really does work.
Reason Why Ultimately, if you have an Almost-Too-Good-To-Be-True offer you need to tell the reason why you can make that offer. Even if its a far-fetched reason people still need to reconcile in their mind why and how you're able to make such a great offer.

Common reasons why are that...

1. 'We goofed and ordered too much stock and now we've got to clear it out.'
2. 'My accountant (or boss) is out of town so he doesn't know I'm making you this offer' (Note: Yes, this one is a stupid reason but people still fall for it)
3. 'Our year end is here and we are going to get killed on taxes if we don't clear out our stock before December 31' (Note: Actually, this will increase their tax burden but it still works)
4. 'I buy from a secret source in India (or some far away land) and I can get unheard of deals so I'm passing the savings on to you.'
5. 'After inspecting our warehouse we found a bunch of slightly damaged inventory so our accountant says we have to unload it at less-than-cost.' (Note: Even I've fallen for this one.)
Whatever the reason is, then tell it. People want to know the reason why! Inject Scarcity To Compel People to Action An offer without a compelling reason to act now is dead in the water. 99% of all people are passive. They don't act even if its a great offer. You have to give them the extra incentive to compel them to act now.
One of the greatest motivators is the fear of loss and by injecting scarcity into your offer you're playing on people's fear of not being able to take advantage of a good deal. The two most popular ways to inject scarcity into an offer is to...

1. Limit the time that people can respond to the offer


2. Limit the quantity that you are offering.

Limited Time Offer

Time sensitive offers provide deadlines in which prospects can take advantage of your offer. That's why you see so many weekend sales that end on Sunday. It compels people to get up out off their couches and get down to the store. It's a good idea to always include a deadline with your offer. The shorter the deadline the
higher the response (almost). You can't make it so short that people don't have enough time to act but if you hold an offer open for a month people will just put off responding and eventually forget your offer. Of course this depends on what you're selling as well. Once you've made your offer you should continue to remind your prospect how much time is left to take advantage of it.

Limited Inventory Offer

This past Thanksgiving Walmart ran some commercials that offered a 3.1 Megapixel digital camera for $150 to the first 200 people who arrived. People camped out there all night long to take advantage of that offer!
Another type of limited inventory offer is to simply mention in your offer that there are only 150 in stock and you're selling them on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Limit Your Choices - Confused Minds Always Say 'NO!'

Always limit your choices when creating an offer. You can give one option or two options but once you give your prospect a third option they get confused. This can kill your offer.

A marketing friend of mine from Canada, Don Campbell, teaches that confused minds always say, 'No.' It's true. People would rather not choose than have to go through the agony of making a complicated choice. With that said, I do believe in giving two options when doing direct mail or on a website, Option A and Option B. Option A might be the 'basic package' while Option B might be the 'deluxe package.' But when you're developing a print advertisement you should focus on the one action you want your prospect to do. Build your whole ad around the prospect doing that one action and nothing else.

Tell Them What You Want Them To Do...Exactly

People need to be taken by the hand and told exactly what to do. You must be clear and concise when giving instructions on what you want your prospect to do next. Do you want them to...

• Visit your store today?
• Pick up the phone and call?
• Click the order button?
• Fax in their warranty now?
• Email you within 24 hours to register?

Notice that each of these 'call-to-actions' starts with an action verb. Even though you might think its obvious what your prospect should do, you still need to tell them.


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Then you need to tell them what will happen when they do respond. For instance, 'If you call right now and order your free report, I will personally go down to the post office and send it to you via priority mail.' When you add 'what happens next' the offer becomes clear and concise and leaves no confusion. Remember, confused minds always say, 'No!' Know the Objective Of Your Offer So far, we've just been talking about offers for a product or service but there are offers to get your prospect to do many things.

For instance, you might just want your prospect to call your place of business or you might want them come down to your store. Before you begin to develop any advertisement, design your website, direct mail piece, promo video etc. you MUST KNOW YOUR OBJECTIVE! What is it that you want your prospect to do? Then, and only then can you create the right offer. Here are some examples from the pool and spa industry:

Offer to call your store:

The first 20 people that call today will not only receive our Special Report titled, 'Five Steps to Eliminating Back Pain Using Hydrotherapy' but you'll also receive a 30-minute taped seminar titled, 'The Secret to Raising a Close-Knit Family.' This audio seminar is usually sold for $29.95 but is yours FREE if you are one of the first 20 people to call today.'

Offer to come down to the store:

Acme Pool and Spa was able to make an awesome deal with a major travel company to send 20 people on a relaxing three-day vacation. We had to do some serious arm-twisting to get these wonderful vacation passes, but we finally prevailed.

We will be awarding the first 20 visitors to our store today with a complimentary three-day, two-night vacation package to any one of ten vacation areas in the U.S. This offer won't last for very long so get here early before all the free vacation passes are taken!

Conclusion :

Creating an irresistable offer takes time but the rewards are great. If you increase the perceived benefits and lower its associated risks, you will improve your response rate dramatically.

here is a checklist that you can use when you create an offer  :

- Is your garantee as strong as possible?
- Is your warranty as strong as possible? 
- Do you tie your features to universal benefits?
- Did you inject some form of scarcity?
- Is the objective of your offer clear clear and concise?
- Does your offer have a compelling headline?
- Have you eliminated price as a stumbling block?
- Do you have a strong call to action? 
- Have you limited your choices?
- Have you given the reason why you can make the offer?
Here's one final piece of advice. Always make an offer. Make offers in your ads, on the phone, when you network with people, on service calls, even in your email correspondence. Every chance you get...make an offer. A bad thing happens when you don't make offers...NOTHING. If you don't make an offer you'll never get a sale. Start making frequent and targeted offers to your prospects and customers. Make irresistible offers and watch the sales roll in!

Adapted from "The Small Business Marketing Bible" by David Frey another great reference and a highly recommended marketing book. 

Everyone wants to be special. It is a very powerful human need the feeling of wanting to "belong" to something , become an elite member. Again this is one of the psychological needs that humans have that marketers capitalize on by creating membership programs.

There are numerous benefits that a membership program brings to a business , just to name a few:

- Improves customer loyalty and decreases the number of defecting customers as membership programs fulfills this need and desire all humans have to belong and be a member of a body or an organization which in turn leads to increased customer loyalty.

- Can provide a constant stream of revenue through membership renewal fees instead of sporadically selling products and services.
- Helps businesses sell its full suite of services without much effort. Many businesses use membership programs to sell slow moving or less desirable products or services by including them in membership packages so customers are more likely to use and take advantage of them and at the same time add more value to the membership program.

- Can improve referral businesses by including special benefits or upgrades to members for referrals which encourages them to become part of your sales force and promote the membership programs among their friends and family cause it becomes in their best interest as well to attract new members.
- Helps businesses get more revenue from existing customers by creating multi-level membership programs that encourages and tempts customers to move to higher membership levels and consequently spend more money.

Every business that exists can one way or another profit from putting together some form of a membership marketing program and enjoy some of these very powerful benefits they provide to the business, next lets take a quick look at the types of membership programs as well as the pricing models for the different membership programs that are often used by companies to increase profits.

Types of membership programs:

There are endless different forms and types of membership programs nowadays, of course it depends on the type of business but companies have become extremely creative now with the different types of services they provide to their members.

Most membership programs have different levels and they usually use names like bronze, silver, gold , platinum ..etc. to show and give the impression to customers of the increasing value they will get once they progress to the higher levels of the membership program. As mentioned above the types of services the different membership programs offer to customers is so diverse these days. Just to give you a few examples of the services offered:

- Membership programs with points systems offering discounts on purchases when redeeming your accumulated points or the choice of using your points to purchase items or make bookings

- Elite Membership programs of some of the major credit card companies that offers a number of privileges to specific card level owners like access to first class lounges in major airports or special discounts in some of the international retailers.

- Membership programs offering express counters for members to avoid waiting times which can be seen in some of the major banks or retailers offering free delivery of products to members.

- All major airlines offering membership programs and have mileage programs, the more you fly the more miles you get which makes you eligible for upgrades, seat selections, priority bookings, ...etc.

- Coffee shop membership programs where members get a free coffee and cake when you by a certain number of cups of coffee

- Dry cleaners offering a discount for members only.

- Movie theaters membership offering members 5 movies monthly for the price of 3  and 8 movies monthly for the price of 5 for premium members.

- Oil and lube franchise offering members free complete car cleaning or free oil change.

As you can see from the examples above businesses big or small from major airlines and credit card companies to coffee shop owners and dry cleaners do benefit from creating their own membership programs and capitalizing on the basic psychological need we all have as humans to be special and to feel like we belong and of course enjoying the free additional services and products that comes with it.

Pricing membership programs:

There are many free membership programs but then there are many paid membership programs as well. Even with the free ones or the free to sign up membership programs, members will need to maintain their membership to keep from losing it by using the service of buying the product at least once in a specific time period. We wish to focus here more about the paid membership programs because paid memberships are those that bring the best value to a business by guaranteeing a steady stream of income from members who renew their membership. Membership programs have many pricing models and must be tested to determine the right price for your business and clientele. However, pricing your lower membership levels inexpensively is a smart tactic. Your goal should be to convert your customers into members so that they’ll begin to feel an affinity to your business.

After your customers have joined, then you can begin the up-selling process by providing tempting offers to move up the membership ladder. Look at your first membership level as a “loss-leader.”


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The real benefit of Membership programs :

Renewals is the real benefit a membership programs can bring to your business and the key to membership program success. It’s one thing to package your services into a membership program and sell it, but
sustaining your subscriber base by getting customers to renew is another. If you don’t provide value and keep your promises during your customer’s membership, it will be difficult to get them to renew.

The key to getting your members to renew is to provide value beyond what was promised and to offer incentives to renew. The incentives should have a low cost to you and a high perceived value from your member. For instance, suppose you offer a paid newsletter service. Your renewal offer might include several free teleseminars or a free discount coupons from a popular vendor that advertises in your newsletter.

Another option to improve your renewal rate is to sell renewals upfront by offering multiple period memberships at a discounted price. For instance, when you offer a one year VIP membership at your restaurant, up-sell the offer with a second year at a 35% discount.

Locking your customers into multiple period membership programs should be an important goal. Because your customer was willing to buy the first period, they’ll be inclined to consider multiple years…if the offer is right. A powerful hidden benefit of locking your customer into a long-term membership program is that you’ll also be locking out your competition!

The Magic of membership cards :

What's great about membership cards in addition to holding the customer or member's information and transactions history and info. is that they serve as a constant reminder to customers to take advantage of their membership so it prompts them to use it. Some businesses actually create their own charge cards. several statistics showed that store cardholders spend 50% more each year with that retailer than customers not carrying the retailer's charge card.

Membership programs are a great marketing tool that can help your business to sell more , increase customer loyalty, provide constant and predictable income , generate more revenue per customer and get you more referrals. a final word of advise is to take advantage of this effective tool, bundle your products or services into a membership program and make it easy for your customers to enroll, use a physical card not just for data tracking but to remind and prompt your customers to use it and take advantage of the privileges.

It's a fact that packaging products and by packaging here we do not mean to have them nicely wrapped with colorful ribbons and glitter. What we mean by packaging here is bundling products together or giving your offer as a package or more than one product together in a bundle.

A good example of this is the "Combo meal" in fast food restaurants where instead of buying a sandwich and a drink and fries separately, they are offered to you as a complete package a "Combo" Packaging is very common in the fast food industry that it represents over 90% of fast food sales.

Other than the obvious benefit of increasing your overall sales that the packaging or bundling strategy does it also gives you a number of other  benefits such as :

1- Lowers marketing costs by advertising multiple types of products or services in one ad

2- Up sell your customer by default (Packaging is a form of up selling )

3- Can be easily used to sell slow moving products or services

4-  Exposes your products and services to a new list of prospects in a joint venture

5- Gives a higher perceived value of your products and services to your customers.

There are many benefits of the bundling or packaging strategy if you apply it to your business and can have a great impact on your sales and can also help you decrease your marketing costs. The main idea is to create packaged or bundled deals of your products and services for your customers and offer them at a lower price than what the customer would pay if he/she purchased them individually which actually also plays psychological tricks on the mind of your customer and gives him/her the perception that  he/she will need that additional item or items anyway. Makes your customer believe that this is a good deal and i'm getting more than one item for a lower price so will end up saving money.



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Some important packaging / Bundling rules:

1- Your packaged offer should solve a specific problem. Your customers will only buy it if  it solves a problem they have or fulfill a specific need.

2- Packaging and Bundling is all about empowering your customers or offering different choices. providing different choices and options with increasing value is what motivates customers to " up sell " themselves by choosing the more expensive option.

3- Try naming your different packages names that shows value for example silver, gold, platinum notice how each word in this examples shows increasing value.

4- The additional products or services that are added on to the basic package have a low cost to you. The “add-ons” need to be cost effective because the incremental price you are charging needs to provide significant margin to the package.

Packaging creates a higher perceived value by increasing the benefits and lowering the unit price. Examples of packaging and bundling are everywhere. If you don’t have enough products or services to create a package offer, consider joint venturing with a company that does. Remember to provide a strong up-sell option in your package by offering multiple options, each progressively more valuable and expensive.

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I just completed a three-day program ,using one of your two day packages. I was able to customize this program quite easily. The thorough work done by your team saved me a lot of time-and money. I am an experienced speaker/trainer with over 20 years in the field. Your programs provide the blueprint for what I need for my corporate and government training clients. I have seen similar programs advertised elsewhere for triple the price!
I will return to your website as needed and will recommend your products and services to fellow consultants.

Angela Walton, Atlanta, Georgia USA have worked hard to create a totally tailored training solution for Mobile Telephony retail managers and sales teams. By creating high impact visuals and with varied and intelligent use of multi media visuals and activities, trainers were able to provide an accelerated learning solution that grasped the imagination of all types of learners and ensured the maximum return on training investment in this fast paced industry. Even the most seasoned sales professionals found something new and useable from their high energy training sessions and the course feedback was fantastic - consistently!

Craig Hines Craig Hines, innov8 Performance Limited, UK

I have purchased the 3 training programmes of the Complete Communications Excellence Series. I consider that the GBP 99 cost represents excellent value for money and the materials are of a high quality. The programmes follow a logical sequence and are very comprehensive. As they are produced in MS Office formats, not password protected pdfs, they are very customisable and it has been easy to change the materials to UK spelling. The additional activities provided are very extensive and should prove useful once I have had time to explore them fully. The materials are going to save me hours of work as I prepare new training courses.

Alan Lloyd Alan Lloyd, Team Leader,EU Support to Civil Society Project

In Sales training,’s ability to identify the specific areas of skill gap and build a program that directly addressed those gaps is very professional. That, coupled with the dynamic training events, has helped customers to drastically impact the skill level of their sales force and make a measurable impact on bottom line results .

Tarek Fahmy Tarek Fahmy, Trainer & Consultant, Dubai, UAE

Just a short note to say that since purchasing a course from yourselves, I tried 2 other vendors' courses (from U.K.) and regret wasting money on them, as their materials seemed as if a ten year old had cobbled them together in terms of format and content. From now on, I shall be sticking with yourselves, as I enjoy your clean formats and more advanced content. Well done.

Kevin Lawrence Kevin Lawrence, Dubai, UAE


The workshop is very well constructed, in a logical sequence and the content encompasses all the latest ideas and research.Ultimately a fantastic workshop to either deliver or participate in.                                                                    

Nige O'Shea FIMI, Professional Inspirations Ltd. UK's programs provide comprehensive information in a visually interesting format. Participants benefit from interactive activities that reinforce the content and making learning fun.

Jeanne Parks, Trainer & Business consultant, San Francisco, USA have worked hard to create a totally tailored training solution for Mobile Telephony retail managers and sales teams. By creating high impact visuals and with varied and intelligent use of ...

Craig Hines, innov8 Performance Limited, UK

I have purchased the 3 training programmes of the Complete Communications Excellence Series. I consider that the GBP 99 cost represents excellent value for money and the materials are of a high quality...

Alan Lloyd, Team Leader,EU Support to Civil Society Project

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  Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making

  Emotional Intelligence

  Find a way to say YES!

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  Lead, Motivate & Inspire

  Marketing Essentials

  Managing People

  Negotiating for Results

 New college instructor orientation

  Passionate Retail Experts

  Pathways to service excellence

  Presenting With Impact

  Professional Selling Skills

  Retail Sales Planning & Forecasting

  Sales Management

  Sales Territory Planning & Routing

  Setting Others For Success

  Successful Telephone Debt Collection

  Time Management

  Train The Trainer

  Vision, Energy & Passion to Serve

  Workplace Diversity & Inclusion Training

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  Professional Business Writing

  Communication Skills

  Motivating People

  Professional Sales Questioning

  Sales Forecasting

  Ten Best Practice Customer Service Techniques



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