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Friday, 15th January 2021

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The What Would You Do? Game Designer makes it simple to create real world simulations for your business or organization. We’ve made it easy to create an exciting game that will train your employees or members to understand and more importantly, emulate the behavioral goals, positive attributes, habits and cultural aspirations of your organization. 


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Here’s How It Works

  1. Start by defining the behaviors you want your folks to focus on (Example: teamwork, customer centric, listening, results driven).
  2. Then develop some real world question scenarios that really do occur in YOUR organization.
  3. Finally, set the game’s scoring grid to award response points for each scenario.


Game Features Include:

  • A Database to accumulate and record player/team names, ID #s, behavior scores and scenario responses, as well as a separate report for individual player responses.
  • Track responses for up to 8 key behaviors.
  • Select the number of scenarios (3 – 30) you want to include in your game.
  • Develop as many different real world games as you like!
  • No need to purchase costly behavioral assessment and training forms (Tests).
  • Our custom scoring grid allows you to award points in different ways; from a range of values for a single behavior to awarding points for multiple behaviors.
  • Select the number of responses for each scenario (Up to 5 responses (A – E)).
  • The scoreboard automatically accumulates points and overall proficiencies on each key behavior.
  • The game can be designed for individual as well as team play.
  • Built-in player feedback to help you fine tune your games over time.

Obviously this is not a pre-packaged approach because you’ll develop game scenarios that really happen within your organization. And there is no need to purchase 100’s of behavioral assessment questionnaires costing $5.00 to $15.00 apiece on-going.

In addition, the What Would You Do? game allows you to develop many different simulation games to fit your organization (For example: Games that focus on working together as a team, or perhaps a game that centers on safety in the workplace, or even a game that looks at how your organization defines superior customer service).

Create special games for different groups within your organization. For example: a game for your sales force, another for telemarketing, and yet another for the finance dept.

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Individual License

  This product requires Windows PowerPoint 2010 or newer.
  License allows use by one trainer/educator/presenter.
  Enables you to develop 100s of different training games for unlimited participants!
  Can be placed on up to 3 different computers.
  FREE Access to our MEMBERS ONLY AREA containing literally 100s of PowerPoint Training Games and Tools!


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