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Professional Business Writing
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Retail excelllence series training package   collection
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3 complete professional retail sales and service training programs
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Very briefly is owned and operated by Scitron training and Consulting. Since 1998, Scitron has successfully provided its global customers with high quality training materials and ready to deliver courseware packages. We also provide delivery through our cadre of highly experienced international trainers and consultants. Scitron takes pride in providing you with complete, high quality training materials and courseware packages covering a variety of topics. And, we have teamed up with the top training providers, trainers, instructional designers, and key note speakers from around the world.

Our training course materials, training resources, and courseware packages represent an investment in quality. we offer a complete list of courses that have been successfully delivered to a broad range of industries: oil and gas, engineering, production, maintenance, environmental science, banking, telecommunications, utilities, and economics and more.




Stichting ECABO ( Center of Expertise on Vocational Education, Training & Labour Market ) recognizes  Scitron Training as an accredited training company according to the Dutch Education and vocational training ACT, Article 7.2.10 Paragraph 1. 

This accreditation qualifies Scitron to provide practical training in secondary vocational education.

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Sales excelllence series training package
Now get the complete
3 complete professional sales training programs
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Call Center excelllence series training package    
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4 complete professional Call Center training programs
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   communication-negotiation-presentation-conflict-resolution skills
Now get the complete
4 complete training packages for one low price
for only

PRICE: $ 599.95 $ 349.95

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