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                   Accredited training provider

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conflict resolution training package  
Conflict Resolution
for only
Price: $199.95  $149.95

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Why buy our training course material packages


Great value for a small investment


100% customizable


Standalone modules can easily be added to enliven your training material


Get new ideas for activities, exercises and games


Fun, competitive review game to end on a high note!


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Retail excelllence series training package   collection
Now get the complete
3 complete professional retail sales and service training programs
for only

PRICE: $ 449.95 $ 299.95

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 Get all available programs and save ...!!


27 Full courses

5 Mini courses 

For only  $4499.95  $2499.95

Get the best deal we have and probably the best you will find if you are looking for quality training material to deliver a practical, fun and professional training program. Whether you will be delivering it yourself to your team or if you are a trainer and need  high quality training programs to tailor further to your needs or get some great ideas, concepts and models or new creative activities and exercises to enrich your own materials.

By getting our whole library you will get an amazing great value for your investment. Instantly download a plethora of diverse professionally designed complete training course material packages and make a huge saving compared to buying each package separately. 

  Get 32 courses for a super low price.

  Get each full training package for under $99.00

  Save over $1500 and get an amazing value for a small investment.

  Download and get everything instantly!


27 Full Courses:



 Administrative assistant skills (2 days)



 Anger Management (2 days)


 Building High Performing Teams

 Building High Performing Teams (1 day) 


 business etiquette 

 Business Etiquette (2 days)


 call control and average call handling time

 Call Control (1 day)


 change matters-change management training program 

 Change Matters (1 days) 


 Communicating with Clarity and Impact

 Communicating with clarity and impact (1 day)


 conflict resolution training package

Conflict resolution (2 days)



Creative problem solving an decision making (1 day)


 Call Center Telephone Customer Service Training

Find a way to say YES! (2 days)



Front line retail selling skills (2 days)


 Handling angry  difficult callers

Handling angry and difficult callers (2 days)


 Lead, Motivate  & Inspire - Leadership Skills Training

Lead, Motivate & Inspire (2 days)


 Negotiation skills training course package

Negotiating for results (2 days)


 College Instructor Orientationn

New college instructor orientation (1 day)


 Passionate Retail Experts

Passionate retail experts (2 days)


 Presentation skills training package

Presenting With Impact (2 days)


 Professional Selling Skill

Professional selling skills (2 days)



Retail sales planning and forecasting (2 days)


Sales ManagementTraining course

Sales Management (2 days)


 Sales Territory Planning  Routing

Sales Territory Planning & Routing (2 days)


 Telephone Debt Collection training-

Successful Telephone Debt Collection (1 days) 



Setting others up for success (1 day) 


 time management training materials

Time management (2 days) 


Train the trainer package

Train the trainer (2 days)


Customer service training material

Vision, Energy & Passion to serve - Professional customer service training (2 days)


Customer service training material

Marketing Essentials (2 days)



5 Mini Courses - Half day mini programs:


 communication-skills-training-course-material-and-courseware-package  Communication skills


 Motivating People 

 Motivating People


 business-writing-training course-material 

 Professional business writing


 Professional-Sales-Questioning-training-courseware-material   Professional sales questioning


sales-forecasting-training-course-material  Sales forecasting 


32 Fully Customizable Training Packages each includes:

Fully scripted Trainer Guide:

 Best practice theory exploration

 Facilitator-led group discussions

 Practice exercises

Participant Reference Workbook

PowerPoint Slide Presentation




Buy now..! download instantly and get an additional bonus:
  22 games and activities you can use to enrich your trainings.
  Useful training forms (Evaluation forms, certificates).
  All you need to run a great training program.
  A fun, engaging Power Point review game to easily review key questions and concepts, improve retention through a competitive challenge designed to be the grand finale of your training program.


Plus a great bonus!

Each Full course package includes a Power Point Review game to excite your participants about your training material where they compete to win by answering questions about the training program in a series of fun rounds.
The competitive Power Point game is fully customizable, just change the questions/answers, images, backgrounds...etc. Save as a new file & create 100's of other review games for any training materials or program to always end your training program on a high note.


price tagPrice: $4499.95 $2499.95

Great value courseware and training materials

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What some of the trainers, consultants and business professionals who used our training course materials and courseware packages said:

I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the training programs for such a low price.

Shaun Mizell, Corporate Trainer, Florence, SC USA

TrainingCourseMaterial.com have worked hard to create a totally tailored training solution for Mobile Telephony retail managers and sales teams. By creating high impact visuals and with varied and intelligent use of multi media visuals and activities, trainers were able to provide an accelerated learning solution that grasped the imagination of all types of learners and ensured the maximum return on training investment in this fast paced industry. Even the most seasoned sales professionals found something new and useable from their high energy training sessions and the course feedback was fantastic - consistently!

Craig Hines, innov8 Performance Limited, UK

The workshop is very well constructed, in a logical sequence and the content encompasses all the latest ideas and research. Ultimately a fantastic workshop to either deliver or participate in.

Nige O'Shea FIMI, Professional Inspirations Ltd. UK


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What some of the trainers, consultants and business professionals who used our training course materials and courseware packages said:

TrainingCourseMaterial.com's programs provide comprehensive information in a visually interesting format. Participants benefit from interactive activities that reinforce the content and making learning fun.

Jeanne Parks, Trainer & Business consultant, San Francisco, USA

I've been using training course materials for a number of years. They have some of the best products I seen on the market. Looking for engaging games, information and content Training Course Material is the way to go. Some of the best reviews I've ever received were after I put on presentations using training course material content. If you want to wow your clients, if you want to stand out in the crowd, if you just want to be the best you can be, use Training Course Materials.

Garion Bunn, CPBA, CPMA, Keynote presenter, author and coach, NC USA

I just completed a three-day program ,using one of your two day packages. I was able to customize this program quite easily. The thorough work done by your team saved me a lot of time-and money. I am an experienced speaker/trainer with over 20 years in the field. Your programs provide the blueprint for what I need for my corporate and government training clients. I have seen similar programs advertised elsewhere for triple the price!
I will return to your website as needed and will recommend your products and services to fellow consultants.

Angela Walton, Atlanta, Georgia USA

As a trainer, I found the Time Management Training course very comprehensive and easy to follow. I especially like the experiential aspects of the course content delivery. Every module of this package is laid out extremely well, including easy to follow lists such supplies required.

Roland Franquez, Safety, Training and Quality Assurance Manager, Inc. USA.

I like your training material very much which I have used before and I have not been able to get the quality of content and graphics from other courseware providers like Training Course Material. Com offers. It is very interactive for the participants and easy to identify with. It helped me as a trainer to deliver in a way that kept interest and attention.

Sue-Lynne Rose, Lead Trainer, Trinidad and Tobago, W.I.

I have purchased the 3 training programmes of the Complete Communications Excellence Series. I consider that the GBP 99 cost represents excellent value for money and the materials are of a high quality. The programmes follow a logical sequence and are very comprehensive. As they are produced in MS Office formats, not password protected pdfs, they are very customisable and it has been easy to change the materials to UK spelling. The additional activities provided are very extensive and should prove useful once I have had time to explore them fully. The materials are going to save me hours of work as I prepare new training courses.

Alan Lloyd, Team Leader,EU Support to Civil Society Project

I was looking for training material to enrich our current program in customer service. I am so glad i found the materials in this website. They are the complete package, and the bonus activities really helped me design a few new modules to incorporate in our training. The workbook is really clear, and participants liked it. The presentation is not boring, or a pile of words. They are designed with the audience in mind. The supporting materials are complete to implement a full training program. We are looking to expand into sales training, and will most probably buy from them again.

Jon Kristo, Training Manager,ISN Albania

TCM training materials are professionally written state of the art and masterfully done with up to date training aids and workbooks. Nowhere else could you find training materials of this quality for the price ... AAA+

Peter Morrison, Sales & Marketing trainer


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