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communication excellance series

Communication Excellence Series®

Pay for 2 programs and Get 2 programs Free

An amazing great value! The "Communication Excellence Series®" includes all you need to deliver a series of comprehensive and professional communication skills development programs with a high energy 2 day communication skills program to enable participants to communicate more clearly, confidently and effectively + a 2 day negotiation skills program to practice effective negotiation + a 2 day conflict resolution program where participants will explore a logical process for handling workplace conflict + a 2 day program for delivering high impact presentations.

The complete series includes:

  • Communicating with clarity and impact (2 day program)
  • Negotiating for results (2 day program)
  • Conflict resolution (2 day program)
  • Presenting With Impact (2 day program)

Get all 4 Programs

Now: $449.95 Regular: $719.95

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communication excellance series

Customer Service Excellence Series®

Pay for 3 Get 2 Free

The 5 programs will help you teach the key world class customer service concepts and practice specific best practice techniques in a fun, engaging learning environment packed with games, activities to communicate the key concepts and practice the skills learned. Just read the brief on each of the 5 programs below or click the name of each program to see a detailed outline of topics and samples.

The complete series includes:

  • Vision, Energy & Passion To Serve
  • Pathways to service excellence
  • Find a way to say YES! (Telephone customer service)
  • Passionate Retail Experts (Retail Customer service)
  • Setting others up for success

Get all 5 Programs

Now: $599.95 Regular: $899.75

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Call Center Excellence Series

Call Center Excellence Series®

Pay for 2 programs and Get 2 programs Free

With the 4 hands on, fun and highly effective training programs you get an amazing great value. Packed with skill practice, tips and techniques to provide a complete training solution for call center agents or anyone who provides sales/service over the phone. With a big emphasis on telephone customer service, participants will understand how to use their voice to engage better with customers, portray energy and commitment and understand how positive phrasing can help to deliver a connection with customers and enhance their personal communication and credibility, enhance their confidence and ability to deal with difficult callers. The set also include a best practice training program that focuses on how to establish and maintain control of each call from start to end plus a one day program dedicated to tips and techniques used by professional telephone debt collectors.

The complete series includes:

  • Handling angry and difficult callers (1 day program)
  • Call Control (1 day program)
  • Find a way to say YES! (2 day telepone customer service excellence program)
  • Successful Telephone Debt Collection (1 day program)

Get all 4 Programs

Now: $449.95 Regular: $719.95

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Sales Excellence Series

Sales Excellence Series®

Pay for 2 Get 1 Free

The 3 programs that make up the “Sales Excellence Series®” got you covered with all you need to deliver a complete set of sales skills development programs for both front line sales people as well as sales managers. From structuring a best practice sales conversation with customers to proper lifestyle questioning and enhancing sales staff ability to connect, overcome objections and close sales confidently to empowering sales managers with a clear understanding of the various responsibilities of a successful sales manager with a focus on sales forecasting, planning and sales territory routing as well as sales team motivation and sales performance evaluation. Packed with hands-on practical activities, the 3 hands on training programs are a great investment if you are looking for an effective and engaging sales training solution.

The complete series includes:

  • Sales Management
  • Professional Selling Skills
  • Sales Territory Planning & Routing

Get all 3 Programs

Now: $349.95 Regular: $539.95

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Retail Excellence Series

Retail Excellence Series®

Pay for 2 Get 1 Free

The perfect training and development solution for front line retail staff as well as retail supervisors and managers. A series of comprehensive training programs that help front line retail staff understand the logical and emotional motivations of customers to buy and adapt their communication style and build relationships with customers and deliver an outstanding customer experience, secure trust and confidence and retain a valued customer base. The sales techniques introduced will enhance front line retail staff ability to connect, overcome objections and close sales confidently and effectively in order to deliver commercial objectives. The set includes a two day retail sales planning an forecasting program that empowers retail managers with a step by step process to create a complete retail sales forecast and sales plan with specific tactics for improving their overall retail store performance.

The complete series includes:

  • Frontline Retail Selling Skills
  • Retail Sales Planning & Forecasting
  • Passionate Retail Experts

Get all 3 Programs

Now: $349.95 Regular: $539.95

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The Presenter-Trainer Package

The Presenter-Trainer Package

SAVE $59.95

With the presenter-trainer package you get 4 days of practical hands-on advanced presentation skills enhancement package with two days focusing on how to put together a clearly focused presentation with compelling visuals combined with passionate delivery that delivers your message to your audience with impact. The second part of this set is a two day train the trainer program that uses a highly practical activity based approach to help your audience explore both the theoretical and practical skills, attitude and knowledge needed to become a better trainer.

The complete series includes:

  • Train The Trainer
  • Presenting With Impact

Get both Programs

Now: $299.95 Regular: $359.95

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Each of our full course packages includes a fun and competitive review exercise that tests participants’ retention of what they learned in the course. Add a prize for the winning team, and you will end each training course on a high note.

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