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 The following are 9 guaranteed ways to keep yourself motivated and help you maitain and enhance your self confidence:

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  1.  A few things can motivate you more than setting goals and achieving them. The feeling of achievement is one of the biggest boosts to confidence and motivation to achieve more so set SMART goals and monitor your daily achievements.
  2.  Develop a self reward system for small, medium and large goals, accomplishments and milestones. Promise yourself to always do the best you can.
  3.  Devote your total focus to whatever you do, however unmotivating the job may be. These little challenges of finishing off boring, routine and demotivating work can give you little boosts of motivation.
  4. confidence 2 keep a record of success with all your achievements that you regularly review and update; rejoice and celebrate success; keep learning from your experiences (Your successes as well as your failures)
  5.  Stay healthy, eat, sleep well and exercise. Staying fit and in a good shape will have a direct impact on your level of self confidence.
  6.  Ensure your self talk is always positive, fight back negative thoughts and continually visualize your success
  7.  Keep a confidence record with everything you like and admire about yourself.
  8.  Pay attention to personal grooming, confidence comes easy if you are always smart, fit and healthy.
  9. Affirm your day and use positive affirmations.