Emotionally intelligent are You?

How Emotionally intelligent are You

Find out how emotionally intelligent are you, This 25 question assessment will give you an evaluation of your level of emotional intelligence based on the main emotional intelligence pillars of emotional self awareness, emotional management, self motivation and relationship management.

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So what is Emotional intelligence?

Emotional intelligence refers to your ability to perceive, understand and express your feelings accurately and control your emotions so that they work for you and not against you. It's about knowing how you and others feel and knowing what to do about it. It's about having emotional awareness and sensitivity.


Below are some of the habits of people with high emotional intelligence:


  •  Have the ability to clearly label their feelings rather than labelling people or situations
  •  Can distinguish between thoughts and feelings
  •  Take responsibility for their feelings
  •  Use emotions to help them make decisions
  •  Respects and validates feelings of others
  •  Strive to find positive value from negative emotions
  •  Do not patronise, command, criticize, blame or judge others.
  •  Avoid people who do not respect their feelings.