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Frontline Retail Selling Skills
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Retail excelllence series training package   collection
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3 complete professional retail sales and service training programs
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 To help you with your on-going battle of controlling time instead of letting time control you and to avoid being at the mercy of
managing time self assessmentpeople, circumstances and things around you, here's a few bottom line time management tips:

bullebt Start off by analysing your current use of time, use a time log for a few days kept next to you where you record everything that happens throughout the day to try and find out your common time wasters and bad time wasting habits to try to avoid them.

bullebt Use a daily to do list that you take with you wherever you go. Your daily to do list must be done daily and must be prioritiezed according to importance so it can really help you.

bullebt Know yourself, find out your high energy and low energy times throuhout the day so you can take that into consideration while planning your day and make your to do list.

bullebt Handle each email and piece of paper only once.

bullebt Learn to say  "NO" to requests from others that you cannot do, try to be assertive while doing it and do not do it aggressively so you won't damage your relations with others.

bullebt Find a secret quiet place free from distrations and interruptions when you try to accomplish important tasks

bullebt Always make a realistic schedule or plan for your day and stick to it.

bullebt Prioritize your "to do list" so it can really help you. some tasks are important and some are not. We have the tendency to rush and go for the unimportant ones because they are usually, easier, faster or more fun. You have to invest some time identifying and differentiating and prioritize your tasks according to importance and start with the more important ones because those are the ones that bring you the most value from your time.

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Sales excelllence series training package
Now get the complete
3 complete professional sales training programs
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Call Center excelllence series training package    
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4 complete professional Call Center training programs
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Now get the complete
4 complete training packages for one low price
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PRICE: $ 599.95 $ 349.95

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