Conflict Resolution, Influencing and Negotiation activities

If you only depend on lecturing, theories and dry training models while running a conflict resolution or negotiation skills training,  your participants may end up not getting too much value out of it and there's a good chance of them getting disengaged and lose interest. A big word of advice when delivering these two topics is to try to use as many engaging activities as you can where you can get your class participants involved into role plays or activities as a skill practice.

Below are some activities that you can use right away that will help you make some key learning points related to professional negotiations and resolving conflict. 


Team Election Campaign

Tell everybody that it is election time and you are all running for office. Give the team 15 minutes, each person is tasked to write a speech about why they should be voted as the team leader. Read more about this training activity


This activity can be particularly useful to use in a conflict resolution training to allow participants to more clearly understand how people can have very different perspectives... Read more about this training activity


What do you see?

Highlighting the fact that we all see things differently depending on our own specific perspectives, a good activity that will help you make the point is to write a large number “6” on a letter size paper and put it on the floor. Read more about this training activity


Watch what you say
Split the group into teams of two. Ask teams to take 5 minutes to brainstorm words that if used during a conflict situation, they tend to escalate the conflict and complicates the situation further. Read more about this training activity


Crossover Negotiation

Split the group into two equal teams standing in two rows facing each other. Split the group further into pairs so that each pair are standing and facing each other, use a masking tape and make a line on the floor between the two groups so that each team is standing on one side of the line and the paired members are facing each other. Read more about this training activity


Push / Pull

A quick simple but powerful activity that shows there are two ways to get others to do what we want them to do, we can either push them and in that case we will definitely get resistance or we can pull them or in other words convince them with our point of view , explain the reasons and tell them why we want them to  take this action and consequently expect lower or no resistance. Read more about this training activity


Win as much as you can
Throughout this competitive activity , participants will go through a series of rounds and situations where  they will need to make group decisions  and reach consensus on actions that will impact their final result  and in other instances they will have to negotiate the strategy with other groups as well collaboratively  while still ensuring their group wins , which will some time force them to make some tough decisions  whether to  fulfill the agreements made with other groups or decide to put the interest of their team first which  can also cause some conflict situations between the different teams that needs to be resolved as well throughout the activity. Read more about this training activity


Chief Negotiator

This is a competitive negotiation skill practice activity that has several other learning outcomes like how teams in an organization are responsible for creating the climate and culture and how the actions of one team can affect other teams. Read more about this training activity


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