Crossover negotiation

Split the group into two equal teams standing in two rows facing each other. Split the group further into pairs so that each pair are standing and facing each other, use a masking tape and make a line on the floor between the two groups so that each team is standing on one side of the line and the paired members are facing each other.

Tell participants that they have one minute and their task is to convince the person opposite them to cross the line to his/her side of the line.

Once time is up, reflect on what happened by asking the following questions:

How many tried to talk their buddy into crossing over and how many tried to use force?

What were some of the arguments you used?

Did anyone find a win-win solution?

Did everybody assume that there has to be a winner and a loser?

What was your win-win solution?

Do we sometimes rush into a win-lose situation without first exploring or the options for finding a win-win?