Creative thinking activities

A few activities that prompts training participants to think creatively and try to come up with out of the box solutions that you can easily incorporate in any creativity or problem solving and decision making training program. 


Team Hoop
Ask the whole group to stand in one line and hold hands. Place the hoop on the first person’s arm so that the team has to get the hila hoop all the way down the line and back again... Read more about this training activity


The objective is to demonstrate that creativity is more likely to flourish under unstructured than under structured supervision. (But don’t tell the group this in introducing the game.) Before introducing the game, assemble 25 objects and place them in a 8½ "11" envelope, one envelope per team. Each envelope should contain an identical 25 objects.  Read more about 25 objects game activity


Paper Aeroplanes
This is a quick fun activity that is often used to prompt participants to think creatively and come up with out of the box ideas to accomplish this simple fun task in a competitive exciting simple activity. Read more about this training activity


Cut That Cake
The trainer brings in a cake to celebrate the end of a successful session.  Participants cannot eat it until they have cut it.  They cannot make more than three cuts and they must divide the cake into eight pieces. Read more about this training activity


Balls in water bottles
A challenging activity that requires some creative thinking for the team to solve the predicament of trying to get ping pong balls out of water bottles using chopsticks. Read more about this training activity


Sling Jam
This is a high energy active exercise to show participants that getting from there to there is not usually as easy as it appears. Innovative thinking and creativity are essential to high performance. Read more about this training activity


Manage resources
This is a quick activity to promote thinking out of the box and utilizing current resources to the max. Read more about this training activity



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