My favourite brand

This is a fun activity that can easily be customized and used in leadership development, building teams, building brands, corporate culture, you can probably find out even more ways to adapt it to your training topic.

To prepare in advance for this activity, inform participants prior to class to bring 3 or 4 printed logos of brands they are loyal customers of or admire most or use regularly.



1- Split the group into teams of 3 – 4 persons teams

2- Ask participants in each group to take out their chosen logos

3- Tell teams that they have 10 minutes to share and discuss their logos and agree on the top 2 logos/brands that will be the choice of their team and appoint a spokesperson for their team to present to the whole class why they chose these specific brands.

4- Encourage team members to mention personal stories or experiences they had with their chosen brands

5- After 10 minutes stop the activity and bring all teams together and one by one ask each team’s spokesperson to hang their two chosen logos (Attach them to a flip chart or wall) and present to the whole class both the brands each team member originally suggested as well as the two brands voted by the group to be the top two brands and why


Key discussion and debrief points:

- Elicit and encourage members to share any personal stories in front of the whole class

- Look out for common themes or trends between the different brands chosen by the different teams

- Ask questions like what do these companies do really well and what can we borrow from these companies?

- What are the key characteristics of the chosen brands?

- How is an admired company culture, key characteristic of chosen brands different from ours?

- How can we incorporate these characteristics into our company/team