Dice Exercise

This is a powerful yet a very simple activity with very strong points and important sales lessons to learn from:

Bringing a handful of dice , ask for 3 volunteers and hand each person only one.

Tell them that their target is to throw six sixes in 30 seconds and you will time them.

start your countdown and watch how frenzied it becomes when you start counting down loud near the end of the 30 seconds.

Key learning points from this quick activity:

-  The more throws the more chances of hitting the six sixes. Selling is a numbers game , why wait till the deadline is near to start working and in our case here  throwing 'selling'  at full force? why didn't they start throwing 'selling' quickly from the start.

-  One thing that could have really improved their chances in making the six sixes on time was if they used more dice. Ask them why didn't they ask for more dice? Linking this to selling shows the value of cross selling and up selling and asking ourselves what other potential exists?  or how can I expand my sales mix to this specific customer and digging through other possibilities to increase sales potential.

You can expand more and uncover more examples and link this simple powerful activity to your sales situation.  This exercise is mainly used for sales people, but can be used also in the context of proper time management and how to direct effort to maximize results.