Time To Invest

A quick group activity that highlights the importance of planning and prioritizing to manage time properly.



1-      In preparation for this activity, write a number of fake blank checks of $86,400 each.

2-      Split the class into 3 or 4 teams.

3-      Issue one check to each team and tell them that they have 24 hours to spend the total amount written on the check.

4-      Using a flip chart, each team has to plan exactly how they will spend the $86,400 to the penny, any amount left that they fail to plan for will be taken away from them.

5-      Give the teams 15 minutes to start their plans and once done, each team’s spokesperson has to present their plan.


Discussion points:

Lead discussion about how good each plan is and how each team made sure every penny was well spent. Make the point that each day we all get the same amount in minutes. Each day we are issued a check for 86,400 seconds but do we plan it that wisely? Link back to the importance of prioritizing and planning to properly manage time.