How Can Automation Revolutionize Your Training Business?

How Can Automation Revolutionize Your Training Business


Ever heard the phrase work smarter not harder?

Running a successful training business is all about finding ways to make your life easier, and with technology advancing by the day there’s a whole wealth of resources out there that can do just that.

Automation is one of them.

It all starts with machine learning.

Our increasingly intelligent computers have the ability to learn from your data, identify relevant patters and make decisions. All of this with very minimal human intervention.

In short, it’s an absolute dream for training businesses who want to save time without compromising on the quality of their content.

Automation is the next step for a more productive business that still serves each and every one of your learners.

Here we’ve laid out just a few ways automation can revolutionise your training business, so read on for inspiration.


More Efficient Learning

One of the most difficult aspects of putting together a training course is accommodating different levels of knowledge.

When you pitch your content at a level that is either too basic or too advanced for the learner, disengagement can occur, which spells disaster for their results.

Automation has the ability to support you in creating more efficient and effective learning that is tailored to your students.

For example, before undertaking a new training programme or course, learners could take a quiz intended to highlight which areas they are already familiar with and areas where they need more support. From there, a piece of software is then able to chop and change module that match the level of experience the user has, thus enhancing their learning experience.


Save Money

Whilst your passion might be education and training, your business focus is the bottom line.

Automated solutions can support you in creating educational content more efficiently – which saves you time and money.

Automation has the ability to generate exams and quizzes based on the content of your courses.

All that’s needed of you is to upload your content into a piece of software and let machine learning take care of the rest. The result? More time to focus on other areas of your business.


Workflow Management

Keeping track of your learners is important, particularly if the bulk of their study is self-directed.

This is another key area where automated solutions can support you in growing your business whilst still keeping your students at the heart of what you do.

An example of this is automation keeping track of your learner’s journey and giving them subtle nudges in the right direction when they threaten to fall of track.

A piece of software can easily be configured to respond to your students behaviour. If they fail a test, an automatic response can be triggered to support them in where they need to improve to succeed in the future. Similarly, it can be used at key points in their learning to prompt and remind.

This means that none of your students can fall off your radar or disappear entirely. They are supported every step of the way for better results in the future.


Customised Learning

One of the reasons why the education and training sector is such a lucrative space at the moment is because individuals are turning to non-traditional methods for personalised courses that meet their needs.

Automation and machine learning help you do that in just a few easy steps.

If a user fails a quiz whilst on their programme, your system can be configured to send them an e-mail containing further resources to support them, or supply them with information on a mini course, or extra module that can bolster their learning.

For a training business, this is potentially a very lucrative tool that will set your courses apart from the rest. It is also a fantastic opportunity to diversify your income streams by offering extra courses or recommending further courses when another has been completed.

By this point, the system knows your learner inside and out and is likely to suggest something to them that will peak their interest and continue engaging with your business.

There are many more reasons as to why automation and machine learning should be featuring in your training business right now. With competition on the up, it’s an important asset that enables you to focus on the business aspect of your organisation, without losing sight of the learners that make it possible. The best part is, that many of these automated solutions can be integrated or added on to your LMS, so information is fed from there directly into the system. What are you waiting for?