Anger Management & Positive thinking

Anger Management & Positive thinking


Practical Anger Management techniques
Managing anger successfully can make the difference between misery or happiness. if you're unable to manage your anger it can affect your life in many different ways.


Anger Anatomy 
We all recognise an angry face when we see one no matter where we are in the world, anger is one of those true universal emotions.


Channeling your anger
One of the most successful ways to manage anger is to channel it. which doesn't only give you a way to vent and let out your anger, but it can also help direct that anger into positive energy and something more productive.


Are you an optimist?
Two very interesting stories about being optimistic and how it's all up to you and how you look at things.


The facts all optimists learned to accept
6 Facts of life that can make you more optimistic if you accept them.


Mindswitch - Getting into the right state of mind
It’s Your Choice how to react  to every event in your life. SWITCH  creates a moment of choice between a stimulus and response, to a thought and Action.


5 steps to feeling better when you are feeling down
This article outlines five ways that can really help you be more optimistic, less stressed and adopt a more positive perspective in your life.


Achieving Excellence through positive thinking
To achieve excellence both in your personal and professional life, means you must have some important traits and characteristics, read this article to find out more.