Communication skills

Communication skills


Rapport = Results
Rapport is the key to success and influence in both your personal and professional life. It's about appreciating and working with differences.


Behavioral Styles
Understanding Behavior Styles will help you understand your style of communication and behavior as well as that of others. It will help you manage your relationships much more better both in your workplace AND at home.


Barriers to good communication
When the response from the receiver is not what you expected then some of the following barriers may have got in the way of the message.


Overcoming barriers to communication
There are a number of things you can do to overcome the common barriers to effective communication; Read this article to find out more


Asking Questions
Questioning allows us to gather information from others. When done skilfully this enables us to really get to the heart of things very quickly.


Levels of learning
Communication success in a customer care setting is achieved by recognizing that all customers have a particular level of learning. These levels of learning range from novice to expert, and they can be dynamic.


Communicate assertively
Assertiveness is all about your rights and other people’s rights as well. Developing one’s assertiveness depends very much on one’s ability to express these rights, in speech, in text and through appropriate non-verbal communication.