Readiness for

Readiness for change

This self assessment will give you a very general idea of how you stand in relation to change. Decide how closely each statement matches your personality or approach. Each question assesses one of six personality traits that make change easier to deal with. 

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The six personality traits that can make managing change easier or harder are:

1- Sense of adventure

2- Flexibility / Sense of adventure

3- Confidence (You can also take the confidence quiz and confidence self assesment separately)

4- Enthusiasm

 5- Tolerance for ambiguity

6- Optimism


The scoring bands of the readiness for change self assessment are as follows: 

 If your score is between 89-120 

Then change is easy for you. Your'e confident, flexible and optimistic. Be careful not to get carried away by your confidence and the appeal of the new.

If your score is between 56-88

Then you are good at managing routine, expected changes, but the unexpected can still throw you off balance. As your keep developing your skills in this area, your ability to cope with the unexpected - and to help others cope- will continue to grow.

If your score is between 24-55

Then you are reliable and consistent, and do an excellent job of making sure procedures are followed. Your approach to change is to react to it, not to meet it head-on. Taking control of your reactions may help you minimize stress and confusion change can bring.