Communication skills activities

On this page you will find a number of training activities that focus on specific key learning points regarding communication skills . Feel free to use them as is to support your communication skills training or tailor them further to suit your specific learning objectives.


Blind line-up
Blindfold the whole group, make sure there is enough space around to avoid any accidental injuries. Read more about Blind line-up activity


Marshmallow eating contest
Split the group into teams of two, had each team two blindfolds and ensure everyone is blindfolded. Hand one person in each team a spoon along with 10 marshmallows Read more about Marshmallow eating contest activity


Label Me
Generalizations and prejudices hamper good communication in the workplace, in this activity, participants will be treated according to a random tag they will wear on their forehead. Read more about Label Me activity


The “but” activity
When you say the word “but” after saying something nice to someone what you are really saying to them is “ everything I said up to the “but” was a lie and here comes the truth”. For example: “The girl is beautiful but tall” what you are saying is the girl is beautiful but too tall. Read more about the “but” activity


Communication Origami
This is a quick and easy activity that shows how the same instructions are interpreted differently by different people and highlights the importance of clear communication. Read more about communication origami activity


The Guessing Game
This simple activity is a fun way to introduce and show the difference between closed and open questions. Read more about the guessing game activity


Guess the emotion
This is a fun competitive game that’s concerned with getting participants to become more aware of their feelings or emotions. Participants are split into teams and act out an emotion, such as disgust, affection, fear, anxiety, embarrassment, anger, determination..etc. Read more about guess the emotion activity


Power of Body Language
Body language speaks louder than any words you can ever utter. Whether you’re telling people that you love them, you’re angry with them, or don’t care less about them, your body movements reveal your thoughts, moods, and attitudes. Both consciously and sub-consciously your body tells others what’s really going on with you. This is a great quick and fun activity that shows how powerful the effect of body language is in communicating with others. Read more about this training activity


Follow all instructions activity
This is a quick fun activity with a little trick to see how many of the participants will actively listen and follow the one single instruction you will give them "Read all instructions first" and how many will rush and start doing each instruction one by one.  Read more about this training activity


Effective feedback skill practice exercise
An overview of effective and ineffective feedback and a good activity for practicing giving effective feedback. Read more about this training activity


The Name game
Instruct each participant to think of a famous person and write it secretly on a post it note. Attach the post it to the head of their partner. A fun exercise that shows the importance of asking the right type of questions. Read more about this training activity


Square Talk
This is a challenging activity where participants are all blindfolded and receive instructions from the trainer that should be strictly followed, the exercise  enables participants to recognise the importance of communicating effectively, and understand the important aspects of communication. Read more about this training activity


Room 101
The purpose of this exercise is to practice your influential and persuasive skills in a competitive fun debate focusing on communication skills like choosing positive language, being passionate and enthusiastic about one's case, showing 'benefits' to others ...etc. Read more about this training activity


Back to back communication
A classic communication skills activity that highlights the importance of asking questions for effective communication.Read more about this training activity


Paper shapes
A simple activity you can easily incorporate in any communication skills training intervention to show the importance of two way communication. Read more about this training activity


Memory Test
This can be a great activity for presentation skills or train the trainer classes. Tell participants that you will read them a list of words to test their memory. Participants will need to listen carefully and cannot write any of the words you will say down.  Read more about this training activity



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