Customer Service Activities

Use any of the below customer service training activities in this page and incorporate them any customer service training initiative, they can help you highlight some key customer service concepts that can also be modified further or debriefed differently to serve specific learning points. 


Find a way to say it
Participants in this activity will practice rephrasing poor customer service responses to highlight the importance of knowing what to say and what not to say when dealing with customers. Read more about this training activity


It’s how you say it
This is a good activity that will help you clarify to participants that the way they say things to customers can have a dramatic effect on what the customer perceives. Read more about this training activity


Pass the Blocks - Call center activity
Participants of each team are tasked with  passing  Blocks  as quickly as possible in relay style  to the team member next to them  to  move the whole pile of blocks  from one location to the other  faster than the other team. This is a fun competitive activity that's perfect for  your customer service class or  call center customer service training. Read more about this training activity


Sentences Puzzle
5 important customer service sentences with key missing words that your class participants will need to find in the letters grid below, a hint next to each word shows if it’s in a horizontal row or a vertical column. Read more about this training activity


Rate my NPS (Net promoter score) please
This is an excellent activity that will help you explain what NPS (Net promoter score) is  in a fun way and shows participants how to calculate NPS and gives them a chance to rate each other.`Read more about this training activity


A fun ice breaker for call center agents
What you need: Drinking straws (like those you get with your drink at any fast food restaurant)
2 single very small pieces of paper the size of the smallest post it notes you can find. (The smaller the piece of paper the easier the exercise will be) Read more about this training activity



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