Ice breakers

Set the tone with a great start. 

A great energetic start to any training program is crucial simply because it sets the tone to whatever comes next. If it starts with a fun, energetic activity to set the tone, makes your job easier in keeping it that way for the rest of the day.

One of the best ways to get your class off to a great start, make a good first impression,build an element of surprise, stimulate interest and get participants excited about your program is to start off with a good tried and tested ice breaker.

Not every ice breaker you use have to be linked to your content but since time in the training room is too precious to waste on anything unrelated, the big advice about choosing an icebreaker is to choose one that relates to or serves your training topic. It may take a little more time and effort to customize or design an interesting activity that’s in line with your topic but if you do, it will surely pay off.

Below are some ideas for ice-breakers you can use to kick-off your training sessions.


Ice-Breaker Questions
Here are a few ice breaker questions you can use in any virtual or face to face class. Read more about this training activity


Sentence chain
A nice getting to know you activity that enhances creativity. Read more about this training activity


Names in a sentence
Fun brainstorming activity to get people to know each other and remember each other’s names. Read more about this training activity


Human Billboard
This is a fun way to break the ice and get participants to share and know more about each other. Read more about this training activity


Name your zodiac
Handout a copy of the 12 zodiac signs picture below or show it on a slide, Ask the group to identify their zodiac sign. Read more about this training activity


Energizer: Who is it?
In preparation for this fun energizer, secretly ask each participants about 1- their name, 2- their hobby, 3- their favourite song, 4- the one thing they enjoy the most about their job and create a slide for each participant listing each only animate the name to appear on click. Read more about this training activity


Energizer: Choose your wall
This is a quick fun energizer that gets participants on their feet, moving around and at the same time can get their feedback on a specific topic. 
Read more about this training activity


Guess who
This ice breaker works well with teams that know each other well or teams working together. Read more about this training activity


Social media introductions
In preparation for this ice breaker, you will need to communicate with class participants in advance and ask each to record a one minute video and send it to you in advance to upload them or create a YouTube account and send the access link to participants so that each can create the video and upload it directly to YouTube. Read more about this training activity


What are you packing to Paris?
This is another quick activity that gives participants the opportunity to introduce themselves in a fun way, builds rapport quickly and kicks off the day on a high note instead of the classic “Introduce yourself or introduce your neighbor”. Read more about this training activity


Candy introductions
This can be a quick, fun start to any training class on any topic. Prepare in advance a small bag with five candies of different colours, hand one bag to each participant at the beginning of class. Explain that each person needs to decide their favourite candy colour and go around the room and trade candies with others with the aim to finally end up with the five candies of his/her favourite colour. Read more about this training activity


Getting to the nuts and bolts
As participants file into the training room, give each person a nut and bolt of different sizes that don’t fit together. Participants will have to go around the room in search for the nut or bolt that completes their set. Read more about this training activity


Name Salad
This is another fun ice breaker that gets people to quickly get introduced and bond together. Each person approaches another person, shakes hand and gives their name. Read more about this training activity


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