Activity-Team building-The Bridge contract


Congratulations! Your team has the opportunity to win a $1m contract!

Your team is currently involved in bidding for a major bridge construction project.  The customer has designed a challenging project to help them choose the most effective team amongst a number of rival companies.


The specification for this project is as follows:-

  • Build a  Bridge
  • Construction to be made out of paper
  • Standard building unit is an A4 sheet
  • Units may be joined by tape
  • Free standing structure
  • Size of Bridge must allow your team to pass through it (one at a time)
  • Up to $5000 could be awarded (against your costs) for the beauty of the design.
  • Up to $1000 will be awarded for the team name. 


Tools/Items required 

A4 paper sheets , Tape


Note Actual construction time starts 35 minutes from receiving this specification (set by customer)

You must be ready at this time.  Construction time will commence whether you are ready or not.

Construction time finishes when three team members have successfully passed through the Bridge without the Bridge falling down!

Costs of material and Labour



  • $1000 per unit for the first 2 sheets
  • $2000 per unit for the next 4 sheets
  • $4000 for additional units of paper


Labour Cost For Construction Team:

  • $12000 per minute for the first 5 minutes ($200/sec)
  • $18,000 per minute thereafter ($300/sec)


PHASE 1 - Planning:

You have 45 minutes prior to competitive testing against rival construction team(s).  During this time you should:

  • Work out your team/organisation strategy
  • Evaluate possible approaches
  • Test and evaluate prototype designs
  • Produce forecasts for material costs and construction time (Failure to provide forecasts will cost you $5000) 


As part of the planning process, the facilitator wants to see each group utilise or produce the following things……. 

  • The vision, mission and values of your construction organisation
  • The KRA’s for the project
  • Role & responsibilities allocated for the task
  • All customers and suppliers identified (both internal and external)
  • Assumptions you have made regarding the project


PHASE 2 - Building:

This will commence at a fixed starting time (approximately 45 minutes) set by the customer (trainer) 

  • Construction
  • Assessing the design merits (beauty award)
  • Cost evaluation


 Other competitors have already achieved a total cost of $60,000


 The Bridge Project Evaluation form


Team Name :                                                   

 Labour Costs

Start Time:

Finish Time:

Elapsed Time in Seconds (ET)

If elapsed time is less than 5 minutes then; labour costs = ET x 200

If elapsed time is greater than 5 minutes then; labour costs = [ (ET – 300) x 300] + 1200




Material Costs

Total number of building units (BU) 
If BU is equal to or greater than 6 the material costs =
[(BU – 6) x 400] + 10000 




Beauty of Design

Maximum award of $5000 (offset against construction costs)  $                                                                                        
Total Project cost  $