Time Wasters

Choose four major time wasters that you discussed in your class and use them in this follow-up activity to reinforce learning and encourage participants to think of more creative ways to counter common time wasters. Some example time wasters can be: drop in visitors, travel time, telephone, and meetings



1.       Write down each time waster on the back of an envelop.

2.       Add 4 blank index cards to each envelop.

3.       Divide participants into 4 teams.

4.       Issue one envelop to each group.

5.       Point out to the groups the time waster written on the back of the envelop and the index cards inside.

6.       On each round, each team is tasked with coming up with as many ideas as possible to handle their time waster and write that on one of the index cards, replace it inside the envelop and pass the envelop to the next team.

7.       Each round has a time limit of three minutes so once time is up on each round, every team has to pass the envelop to the next team.

8.       Go on for two or three rounds or as your time permits.


Discussion points for trainer:

           This activity can help you review different time wasters and encourages participants to actively brainstorm different strategies to apply. As a final debrief you can ask each team to present their ideas in front of the whole group.

           Another variation is to hold an evaluation round of voting which of the proposed strategies works best in terms of practicality and usefulness.