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8 Blocks to Creative Thinking

Beware of the following 8 blocks , these are the main stumbling blocks that hold us back from getting in touch with our innate creativity. Remember! we are all creative. but in addition to the below common 8 blocks sometimes the pace and complexity of modern life becomes a serious inhibiter to creative thinking since it so often destroys the climate we need to be able to solve problems or visualise an alternative future. We know that something is fundamentally wrong, we feel strongly that things could be so much better, but all too often we simply lack the time and space to even contemplate change, let alone evaluate, identify and implement it. The pace of change is running ahead of our ability to adapt to it and the gaps between those chasing it are getting wider.

1. Believing you aren’t creative
Let's face it, if you keep telling yourself and others around you that you are not creative by time you and everyone around you will believe it and you will never be creative because you have that automatic block in your mind that you are not a creative person and stop yourself from even trying to think creatively. This is one of the very common blocks to creativity beware of that one cause it's a big one and always remember we are all creative somehow, the only challenge is to find what releases our innate creativity. Some people are very creative in arranging flowers for example, others can be creative in drawing ,cooking,...etc. whatever it is try to find what you are creative in instead of closing the door of creativity in your mind.

2. Making assumptions
Making too many assumptions is restricting in discovering new innovative options or approaches to a problem or a specific situation. Be quick to discard any assumptions that are not based on solid facts or there isn't sufficient proof to back these assumptions up.

3. Following the rules too strictly
Even if you make too many ground rules to a brainstorming session that's sole purpose is to come up with new creative ideas may end up limiting the quantity and quality of ideas generated. Take a look at our brainstorming ground rules article. Creativity is linked to openness, freedom of thought and going beyond boundaries of what is considered normal or appropriate or expected so naturally if a person sticks too much to the rules and makes sure everything is done by the book is less likely to generate unconventional out of the box creative ideas.

4. Being too serious
With creativity always comes fun, laughter and spontaneity. Some people come up with the wildest ideas that makes you wonder where the devil did they come up with that one and it's not uncommon for these ideas to spark laughter or even comments suggesting more unconventional ideas creating an atmosphere of fun. Taking matters too seriously usually doesn't mix well with being creative. there needs to be some fun in there to lubricate that creative right side of your brain.



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5. Avoiding risks or being wrong is bad
Of course nobody likes to make mistakes or be wrong or look bad, coming up with something new creative and unique puts us on the line. where our ideas are examined and evaluated by others which can be a deterrent for some cause they do not want to look bad if it didn't work out. We need to remind ourselves that being wrong is not bad, we are all humans and it's normal for humans to make mistakes and this is how we actually learn by making mistakes and learning not to repeat them again.
6. Always staying with your routines/habits
Staying safe in your normal routine, fear of change and staying in your comfort zone is a big enemy of creativity. For us in our daily lives we easily fall into the trap of being comfortable with doing the same routine over and over again like the same road we take to work everyday cause we're used to it. Change your routine, follow a  new route to work and you never know what you will see, meet or hear that can spark up your brain and get your creative juices running.

7. Thinking there is only one solution
Sometimes when faced with a problem we tend to think there is only one way out and we fail to see any other option and resist even considering other options without properly evaluating those alternatives. Flexibility comes hand in hand with creativity, do not fall in love with one idea and fail to see anything else, spend enough time to fairly judge all other available options.

8. Making judgments too quickly
As stated above if we judge ideas either our own or others ideas too quickly and rule them as inappropriate cause we didn't spend enough time evaluating and weighing each new idea we can miss out on a lot of potential creative solutions to problems and creative ideas coming either from us or from others around us.

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