Sounding more Powerful and Positive


To sound more positive

- Add speed if you know that you are too slow. Pace gives a sense of urgency and importance to your message but pause at relevant points so your listeners can absorb what’s being said.

- Be expressive. Deadpan is never dynamic. (Unless used for comic effect, as it was by Buster Keaton.).

- Visualise the outcome you want. If you really want the job, want to sell an idea, or influence them all, then visualise yourself succeeding in doing just that whilst speaking. Your voice will sound more compelling, upbeat and as if you know your stuff.

- Gesture along with your words. Not every sentence or paragraph, but to emphasise key words. Using your body (gestures and controlled movements) will also make you feel as if you are in ‘performance’ mode.


To sound more powerful:

- Slow down at the important bits that you want them to absorb and remember.

- Use pauses for the same reason.

- Emphasise special words or phrases. ‘Do you want to know why we can’t wait longer for this decision? This incorporates emphasis and a rhetorical question – both attention grabbers!

- Speak softly when you want to emphasise other points. Do this in conjunction with pauses, but don’t overdo it.

- Eliminate spacers and non-words such as ‘er’, ‘um’, ‘actually’, ‘yeah’, ‘OK?’. Use Eye Brain control to keep you mentally focused.

Adapted from – ‘Branding Yourself’ by Mary Spillane. Published by Pan.


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