Energizer: Choose your wall

This is a quick fun energizer that gets participants on their feet, moving around and at the same time can get their feedback on a specific topic.


In preparation for this activity, you will need to print out four A4 size papers with any or all of the following variations:

- A multiple choice answer (A,B,C,D) of a question related to your class topic

- (Less than 15 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, more than 1 hour) answers to the question of how long did it take you to come to class today?

- (Blues, Rock, classical, pop) answers to the question what’s your favourite music genre?

- (Beaches, deserts, cities, mountains) answers to the question, what’s your favourite holiday destination

- (Movies, Sitcoms, sports, reality shows) answers to the question, what’s are your favourite TV shows?



1- Stick using blue TAC or tape one of the 4 printed answers of one or several of the questions you choose to use on each of the 4 walls of the room.

2- Tell participants that you will be asking them a question/s  and the answers are listed on the 4 walls of the room

3- Inform participants that once you ask each question/s, they can choose their answer by going to the wall assigned to each choice.

4- Once you ask the question and participants cluster together around each response, as a variation and if applicable, you can add a follow up question or assign each group a task like describing why they chose this answer. Another variation can be to add a “What if” element and see if participants will change their answer and move to another side of the room

5- For more variations and to get people to get to know each other better, if applicable to the question or theme you choose (Either one of the suggestions listed above of you add your own ideas for questions) encourage participants gathered around each answer to share and discuss their choices for example with the favourite holiday destination, participants can share experiences of vacations they had before or places they look forward to see.